International Ocean Institute (IOI) : 

Sept. 9, 2001

Anu Raghavan.


      Professor RR had given a book with details of the

moneys spent but this is temporarily with other

chapters of Asha. They are in the process of either

faxing us a copy or sending the original back to us.

The review is based on an attachment that Anu received

with an email from the Prof. as well her conversations

with him.


The IOI project (International Ocean Institute) was

the brainchild of Prof RR of IIT-Chennai. It is aimed

at 40 Dalit villages in the Tuticorin district. As a

model, one village has been picked as a model and with

the hope of extending the project in the immediate

future. In each village a village center is hoped to

be established that provides educational support to

the children. To get a sense of the context in which

these people live, the village is one of the poorest

with total apathy among the villagers. The latter

largely through the belief that they cannot make any

impact to change the situation they find themselves

in. For instance, buses don't stop at the village

because has dalits and as a result children have to

walk whatever distance they need to school.


One of the first tasks accomplished by IOI was to aid

the villagers in rebuilding and opening the local

temple. This event was reported to have rejuvenated

the villagers with a sense of ownership and an

improved sense of the village.


Break-up of Funds:


The total amount of the project (centers to be started

in 2 villages) was $6,600. Asha is to fund $5,000 and

the additional amount was raised by the institute from

secondary sources. AB has sent out the first

installment of $2,500 and the second installment has

been due since March 2001.


Item                                Amount (in $)


Construction of tuition center shed       1,471

Educational Material                        148

Recreations &     Sports                          134


Recurring Expenses:

FT Salary for center organizer                    799

Nutritional supplement                      580

Vocational training                          22

Training, field visits                      260

Misc                                   22


TOTAL                               3,443


Prof. RR reports a gross under-estimation of the

building costs especially since their aim was to build

an ecological and environmentally friendly building

that has proven to be very difficult to translate into

reality. Vocational training has also started with the

computer training in May of this year.




      IOI is desperate for funds, as the secondary funds

that they were receiving from Japan have stopped.

Prof. RR is trying to get money and has already

written to AB twice. Anu personally has a lot of

confidence in the project. Prof. RR also has been a

person who is in intimate contact with Asha. The

centers are promised to affect real change in the

lives of the villagers. There is also a hope to start

a micro-credit unit for women to set the project on

the road to being self-sustaining (this will be

discussed in greater detail latter as a second



The Vote:


To send out the next installment of $2,500


Yes: 6

Abstain: 1




International Ocean Institute:

June 25, 2000

Presented by Anu


Amt requested:11,111. Children:150-200 will benefit.

ASHA junior centers for children combined with microcredit schemes for the

mothers. Location:TN.


- What kind of income generating activities will these recipients of the

micro credit engage in? i.e - is there neough market for their income

generating schemes?

- Who employs these people who are landless laborers now?


Vinay commented that this project, with regards to the  microcredit scheme

is more for poverty management than for poverty alleviation.

i.e - there doesn't seem to be any component in this project that aims to

radically change the social status of the dalits. We will have to talk to

Prof.RR about this and find out about this.