Asha Scholarship Students
(Updated : March 22, 2010)
Academic year June 2009 to May 2010
List of students selected for the current year and continuation list AB to AH codes
Dear Donors,
Children in Pink - Partial payment received - Appreciate a donation of $230 each to complete support
Chindren in Yellow - Communicating with donors for continuation / Waiting for payment / Waiting for exam results.
We are sending final reports for last year for exisiting scholars as and when we get information from them.
Children in Green - Have already been sponsored for 2009-2010. Thank you!
We try our best to get accurate information about funds requirement for scholars. But in a few cases, we are unable to
disburse the entire amount due to various reasons. Any such unutilized funds may be used to support other Asha projects/scholars
Awaiting Donors (full or partial sponsorships welcome)  
# Asha Code Name Money actually requested Approx  Eqv US $ School / College Name 2009-2010 Education Economic Status/Remarks
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Communicating with donors  
# Asha Code Name Amount approved INR Amount approved USD School / College Name 2009-2010 Education Economic Status/Remarks
        Scholars have already been sponsored - Thank you!  
# Asha Code Name Amount approved INR Amount approved USD School / College Name 2009-2010 Education Economic Status/Remarks
1 AB012 Gowri K 8000 $180 Avvai Home, Chennai 20. 10 Orphan - guardian is sister's husband. Guardian is from very low income group, takes care of the child's basic needs with affection. Low amount of fees
2 AB007 Kamakshi M 10000 $225 Rani Lady Meyyammai Hr.Sec.School, Ch-20. 11 Father is an alcoholic and does not contribute to the family at all. Mother works after school to make ends meet.
3 AC024 Sheeja KR 15000 $340 Kanniyalal FOMRA College IV Year Bio Medical Engineering Father is having small shop. The mother is house wife.
4 AC038 Manju Priya A 15000 $340 Mahalakshmi Women's College of Arts & Science, Chennai - 29 BCA II Year Father is working in a screen printing press. No steady income. Mother is house wife.
5 AC045 Anugraha S 13000 $267 Don Bosco Matric Hr.Sec.School 11 No proper employment and hence monetary problem.Father doing applam business. There is no fixed income per month
6 AC050 Manikandan M 6000 $135 Loyola Matriculation Higher secondary school, Chennai-24 6 Father is a vegetable vendor. The father is the head of a family of six sisters. Hence feels bound to look after the family. Is unable to provide for the child's education. Mother is a teacher in a private school on a small salary.
7 AC064 Divyabarathi D 6000 $135 Tarapore Loganathan Primary school, Chennai-23 8 Poor family. Father sick, Mother domestic servant
8 AC067 Kiruthiga T 10000 $225 Lady Sivaswami Higher Secondary School, Chennai- 4 11 No Father and Very poor economic condition 
9 AC076 Hemalatha M 15000 $340 Ethiraj College, Chennai Degree III Year Mother is a govt. teacher at the ICDS Balwadi. Father is having problems with his work
10 AD026 Abinaya H 10000 $225 Lady Sivaswami Higher Secondary School, Chennai- 4 12 Father is unemployed. Mother works as a house-maid.
11 AD031 Velankanni C 8000 $180 Avvai Home. Ch-20 9 Velankanni is the first child from the Nari Kuravar community at Indira Nagar to go to middle school. Her parents are rag pickers. 
12 AE011 Ajith Kumar .M 5000 $115 Ajay School for the Hearing Impaired, Chennai 50 3 Kid is hearing impaired. Father is a daily wage earner. Mother is house wife
13 AE013 Anitha M 8000 $180 St. Patrick's Angelo Indian Higher Sec school Chennai-20 10 Father expired. Mother does tailoring. Poor family situation
14 AE023 Venkatesh G 6000 $135 St. Ebbas School, Chennai-4 8 Father has deserted the family. Mother works in a company. Has an older sister studying in polytechnic.Poor economic circumstances
15 AE029 Ragupathi G.S. 6000 $135 St. Josephs Matric HSS, Vettuvageni, Ch-41 7 Father has had a major operation in his foot that was run over by a vehicle.He cannot work. Mother does idli batter business. Average monthly income Rs2000
16 AE049 Pavithra A 5000 $115 Vijay Nursery and Primary School, Shenoy Nagar, Ch-30 4 Father passed away last year in very sad circumstances.Mother is working as a house maid. Younger sister in UKG
17 AE065 Thivinesh T 5000 $115 Kalakshetra School, Chennai-41 3 Lost the father about four years ago. Mother works as a teacher in one of our Asha Chennai projects. The family of three (including a younger sibling) are dependent on only the mother's earnings.
18 AE066 Tivyaa T 5000 $115 Kalakshetra School, Chennai-41 4 Has lost the father about four years ago. Mother works as a teacher in one of our Asha Chennai projects. The family of three (including a younger sibling) are dependent on only the mother's earnings.
19 AE073 Thenmozhi .M 13000 $267 Govt. College of Nursing, Kanchipuram Degree third year Poor economic circumstances. Has got the seat on merit basis.
20 AE076 Rekha S 15000 $340 M.A. Chidambaram College of Nursing, VHS Campus, Chennai- 20 Degree Final year The girl has lost her mother when she was 2 yrs old. Her father is an alcoholic. Has studied in a school and worked as a housemaid since the age of 10 along with her elder sister who is now married.
21 AE101 Dheepak Parthasarathy 15000 $330 Loyola College, Chennai MA Literature II Year Boy has cerebral palsy and is an orphan. Staying at Vidya sagar at Chennai. Needs transport to go to college. Relatives look after other expenses. This sponsorship requirement is only for transport expenses to go to college and back as the boy cannot use public transport.
22 AE103 Pavithra Thirumurthy 16500 $363 Valuvar Gurukulam Higher Secondary School, Tambaram, Chennai 7 Father has kidney problem, Cannot work continuously. Mother has also taken ill. This sponsorship requirement is only for transport expenses to go to school and back as the girl cannot use public transport.
23 AE104 Prakash Kannan 3300 $75 Eve's Matriculation School Egmore, Chennai 5 Boy is with cerebral palsy. Father is a construction worker and has no steady employment. Mother is a housewife as the boy needs to be looked after. No siblings. This sponsorship requirement is only for transport expenses to go to school and back as he cannot use public transport. Other requirements come from well wishers and friends.
24 AF005 Lakshmi A 15000 $330 D.B.Jain College, Thoraipakkam, Chennai B.Com Parent will not be able to send the girl to college without outside support. Worked in the last few months to save some money to go to college.
25 AF018 Siva G 6000 $135 Bethany Nursey and primary school, Chetpet 8 Mother works as domestic help. Father deserted the family
26 AF019 Balaji T  5000 $115 Corp. Primary School, Sankarapuram, Chennai 94 5 Very poor circumstances. Child is doing well.
27 AF027 Saravanan E 15000 $340 D.B.Jain College, Thoraipakkam, Chennai BSc III Year Insufficient family income. Good in studies. Parents and student motivated
28 AF026 Siranjeevi E 15000 $340 D.B.Jain College, Thoraipakkam, Chennai BCA III year Very low income family from a village now in Chennai. Will be able to support family if he completes his higher education. Motivated young person
29 AF030 Amul A 15000 $340 MGR Janaki Ammal College, Chennai B.Com III Year Father is a coolie. Mother is a housemaid. 2 younger sisters studying. Family keen on educating the children. Enthusiastic student.
30 AF031 Ramesh Babu A 25000 $550 Loyola College, Chennai B.A III Year Financial stringency, visually challenged. The college authorities have been very touched by this handicapped person wanting to do social work. An extraordinary student with determination.
31 AF036 Jenifer Grace Leo 5000 $115 Hindu Senior Sec School, Chennai-20 2 Physicaly challenged mother. Works in a company. Father has deserted the family. Family lives with support of friends
32 AF037 Yuvaraj E 15000 $330 Govt. Medical College Theni, Tamilnadu MBBS III Year Very high marksand admission in medical course. Boy is from a rural dalit village and from poor economic background.
33 AF040 Manikandan R 8100 $179 Gurunanak College, Velachery Chennai  B.Com III Year Family from a village, from a poor farming community, bright boy
1 AF062 Pandimeena D 15000 $230 (100) Bharathi Women's College, Chennai B.Sc Physics II Year She is from Karaikudi in TamilNadu. Father is a coolie and the mother is a homemaker. 3 elder sisters married. Needs outside support for higher studies
2 AF065 Dheepa N 15000 $230 (100) Quaide Millat College for Women, Chennai B.Sc Physics II Year No father and only living with a support of her mother who works as a housemaid. Hence need support for her higher studies.
34 AF066 Sudha S 15000 $340 Kumararani Meena Muthaiyah College, Chennai B.Sc Maths - II year An orphan and has an elder sister who is her guardian. Maths is her favourite subject and hence chose to pursue a degree in the same.
35 AF081 Vidhya S 15000 $340 Annai Theresa Arts and science College, Thirukalikundram - 603109 B.Com III year Father is a coolie. Mother is a housewife. Two younger siblings at school. Motivated child. Commutes 18kms by van everyday to reach college.
36 AF093 Pravalekha G 15000 $340 St. Joseph's College, Kovoor, Chennai - 602101 B.Com III year Father Sweeper (handicapped by electric accident. Mother housemaid. 3 younger siblings, one younger sister had to undergo heart surgery.
37 AG004 Jayapriya V 5000 $115 Sri Mylai Karpagavalli Matriculation School, Chennai 5 Father does petty jobs earning about Rs.2000 per month. Mother is a teacher getting low salary. Jayapriya, her sister and brother all study in the same school. We support only one child.
38 AG006 Anoop R 5000 $115 Sri Sabhari Nursery & Primary School, Thiruverkadu, Chennai 5 Father is an auto driver and an alcoholic. Mother works as a tailor in an export company and is the sole bread winner
39 AG007 Kanmani D 8000 $180 Rani Meyyammai Girl's High School, Greenways Rd, Chennai 10 Family supported by single mother. Needy economic conditions.
40 AG009 Nagakanni P 15000 $340 Thirunelveli Medical college Nursing II Year Three brothers work as coolies, while father works in a small hotel. Bright girl from a village in Thoothukudi district.
41 AG013 Kiruthika N 6000 $135 Guru Nanak Matriculation School, Chennai 7 Father is a hardware salesman, earning about Rs.1500 per month. Mother is a house wife. Family is economically challenged and hence need our support.
42 AG018 Yogesh V.S 8000 $180 St.George's Anglo Indian Hr.Sec.School, Chennai 10 Father does not have a regular job and mother is a housemaid. They find it difficult to make both ends meet and approached us for support for their's boy's education.
43 AG022 Gomathi D 10000 $225 Nellai Nadar Matriculation Higher Secondary school,chennai 11 Father is a fisherman and also works as a small time broker on commission basis. Mother is a housewife.
44 AG023 Yuvarani M 5000 $115 Vailankanni Primary & Nursery School, Triplicane, Chennai 4 Father no more. Mother works as a Balwadi teacher to support the family. Yuvarani has a brother one year older. They stay with the mother's parents.
45 AG028 Sowmiya R 10000 $225 St.Joseph's Hr.Sec.School,Chennai-41. 11 Father is a coolie and the family is economically challenged. Bright girl in need of support.
46 AG029 Chalapathy Rao 15000 $340 T.S Narayanasamy College of Arts and Science, Chennai III BSc  Father is a driver getting poor salary mother is house wife. He is staying in remote area and he has to walk several km to reach his house.
47 AG031 Tamilselvi B 15000 $340 T.S Narayanasamy College of Arts and Science, Chennai III BSc  Father is running a small shop with a very low monthly income. Her mother is no more. From a rural area. Bright girl.
48 AG034 Vigneshwar P 15000 $330 Sri Ramakrishna Mission Hr.Sec.School,Chennai. 11 Father is a road side mechanic and victim to alcoholism. Mother is house wife, with three children. Being a big family they find difficult to educate all the children.
49 AG041 Revathy A 15000 $340 Queen Mary's College, Chennai II Year Father is a coolie and the family is economically challenged. Her parents are unsure if they can support her financial needs for college and the education of her two younger brothers simultaneously. Very bright girl.
50 AG 043 Priyanka G 8000 $180 St.Theresa's Higher Sec School, Chennai 9 Her mother is a widow. Priyanka has 3 elder brothers who all hold petty jobs (one in a tailor shop and two as coolies) and a younger sister. She is the only one to reach 8th class in her family.
51 AG046 Selvaraj R 10896 $240 Govt Polytechnic College, Tuticorin Mechanical Engineering III Year Father is woodcutter in his village in Tuticorin district and earns about Rs 70 per day but irregularly. Family sold their small land to pay for his first year education and are desperate now.
52 AG047 Regina G 15000 $330 Ebenezer Teacher Training Institute for Women Teacher Training II Year Bright girl and always wanted to join a teachers' training course. Father is an agriculture coolie in a village in Tuticorin district.
53 AG048 Vasantha 15000 $340 Tamilvel Umamaheswari Arts College, Karanthai, Thanjavur MCA III Year Family of seven from a village in Pudukkottai - two sisters married away. One elder brother who was an engineer passed away last year. Father was a carpenter but is too old to work now. Another brother is working as a carpenter and studying by correspondence.
3 AG053 Ramya N 15000 $230 (100) Pushpam College, Poondi, Thanjavur BCA II Year Both parents are agricultural labourers in Rishiyur village in Thiruvarur district.
54 AG054 Leena U 15000 $330 STET Women's College, Mannargudi BSc III Year Parents are agricultural labourers in Vilakudi village in Thiruvarur district. Somehow managed to pay fees in the first year but under economic duress now.
55 AG055 Meenatchi Devi R 13000 $286 STET Women's College, Mannargudi BBA II Year Mother no more and has a younger sister. Father is an agricultural labourer in Vilakudi village (Thiruvarur dt) trying to make ends meet. Bright girl and very interested in studying.
56 AG056 Keerthika S 15000 $330 STET Women's College, Mannargudi BSc II Year Father passed away and mother supports Keerthika and her younger sister by doing agriculture labour in her village Thiruthuraipoondi in Thiruvarur district. Bright girl.
57 AG058 Subramaniyan S 15000 $330 Infant Jesus Polytechnic College, Trichy ECE III Year Both parents are agricultural labourers in Vilakudi village in Thiruvarur district. The course is on the expensive side and absolutely need financial support to keep him in college.
58 AG059 Kannan S 15000 $330 A.D.T Dharmambal Polytechnic College, Nagapattinam ECE II Year Father is no more and his mother is a farmer in Thiruvarur district.
59 AG061 Hemnath Sudarshan K 5000 $115 Venugopal Vidyalaya Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Chennai 2 Father is an auto driver and mother is a house-wife. They are financialy weak and need to support for the boy's education.
60 AG070 Jayalakshmi B 8000 $180 Lady Sivasami Ayyar Girls Hr. Sec. School, Chennai 10 Her father deserted the family and mother is a servant maid earning about Rs.1500 per month. She is smart and good at sports.
61 AG073 Vignesh S 12072 $266 A.C.College of Engineering, Karaikudi B.E III Year Father is agricultural coolie and mother does not work due to poor health. Family from rural TamilNadu. Very bright boy who secured admission in government engineering college purely on merit.
62 AG001 Ramalingam P 15000 $340 Govt. Polytechnic College, Tuticorin III Year Depoloma Family is from a rural area in Tuticorin district; parents are illiterate and work as coolies.
63 AH006 Hemnath M.P 8000 $180 AA Govt.Hr.School 9 Mother is asha balwadi worker. Father is labor leader. Sibling sister was an asha scholar 
64 AH008 Vignesh J 10000 $225 IDPL Mat.Hr.Sec.School 11 Father is a telephone public booth operator. Has one younger sibling studying in school. No extra help. Economically Deprived. 
65 AH010 Arthi G 10000 $225 St.Therasa Girls Hr.School 12 Father is an agriculture Labor. Poor family background. Sibling brother and sister in school. 
66 AH021 Dharanisree R 5000 $115 The Tarapore & Loganathan Primary School 4 Fatherless girl. Daughter of a (mother) domestic maid.  One sibling elder brother. Poor family background 
67 AH022 Sivavenkatesh A 15000 $340 Sri Sairam Polytechnic EEE II Year Father is a watchman. Not well off. Father is sick and cannot do any other work
68 AH026 Nandhini S 8000 $180 St.Francis Xavier's Matri. school 10 Father is irresponsible. Mother is working as an assistant in ladies’ hostel. Family income below poverty unit.
69 AH027 Venkatesan R 12000 $265 John Bosco Polytechnic College DCE II Year Boy coming from poor family background; but parents are responsible. Has one sibling brother 
70 AH028 Rashme C 12000 $265 Patrician College of Arts and Science B.Com II Year Very motivated student.  Father is irresponsible.  
71 AH029 Saranya P 10000 $225 Sri Ramakrishna Girls Hr.Sec.School 11 Daughter of a poorly placed agricultural family. Sibling brother is studying in 4th class. Need support
72 AH031 Kalaimagal R 13000 $286 Mannai Rajagopalasami Govt.Arts College B.A II Year Daughter of agriculture labor. Two sibling sisters studying in High school. Bright girl.
73 AH032 Varun Kumar J 10000 $225 Narayana Junior College co.edn 11 Son of forest department worker. One sibling brother studying in school. Very bright boy.
74 AH033 Thirupathi G 10860 $239 Sri Visweswara Industrial Training centre ITI I Year One sibling sister studying in high school in Rural Area. He has lost his father. Mother is a cook in school.
75 AH034 Ragu R 10000 $215 National Higher 12 Rural area, son of a agriculture family, two elder siblings studying in HS & Diploma..
76 AH036 Mangalanayagi S 12300 $271 Sengamalathayar women's college B.Com I Year Rural Area, one younger sister studying in 5th class Parents are casual workers.
77 AH037 Sarguna S 12000 $265 Sri Devi Arts & Science college B.Sc III Year Daughter of fisherman community. Elder sister studying in college. Mother is working as a help in catering service,economically poor.
78 AH041 Suganya U 11950 $265 D.B.Jain College BBA I Year The girl belonged to an underprivileged family with low income. One sister studying in high school.  Father is a daily items vendor.
79 AH043 Dinesh R 8000 $180 Velankanni Mat.Hr.Sec.School 10 Father is an a private Benefit fund. Younger  brother and sister are studying in same school. Economically poor.
80 AH044 Rameswari R 15000 $340 Anna University,Trichy BE III Year Parents are daily wage earners casual. sibling brother studying in higher secondary school. 
81 AH045 Gopinath T 15000 $340 D.B.Jain College BCA I Year Father is a coolie(Wood cutter). Mother is running the idly shop and the family is economically challenged. Bright boy in need of support
82 AH046 Swathipriya D.S 8000 $180 Oxford Mat.Hr.Sec.School 9 Fatherless girl and handicapped .. Very poor economic condition. Need support
83 AH047 Kavitha S 15000 $330 Bhaktavatsalam Polytechnic college EEE I Year Recommended by another NGO
84 AH048 Ramamirtham 15000 $330 Quaide Milleth College I Year BSc Bright girl and scored state III in nutrition/father alcoholic/interested in nutrition and dietitics/father not helping the family
85 AH049 Vinitha M 15000 $340 The Madras school of social work II Year BSW Girl was rescued from child labor(working as a domestic help). Deserted  by parents. Father is now dead. Deserving girl.
86 AH051 Bhuvaneshwari 5000 $115 Vidya Ratna PTS Hr.Sec.School 5 Very poor family, irresponsible father. Mother house maid.
87 AH052 Gnana Mullar 15000 $330 AVVM Sri Pushpam College BA III Year Orphan 
88 AH054 Balamurugakattapommudurai S 15000 $330 Venkata swamy naidu college I Year BSc Family with low income. Two younger brothers studying in school. Father a daily labour.
89 AH086 Gugan R 6000 $135 Singaram Pillai Hr.Sec. school 8 very poor family and irresponsible father. Mother is a small time vendor.
90 AH087 Tamilselvi V 8000 $180 MGR 9 Very bright sibling brother now dead (Asha scholar) another brother is studying in school. Low economical status. Father is working in a company with daily supplies.
91 AH088 Aravindan 6000 $135 Kumararaja Muthiah Higher Secondary School 6 Poor economic condition/no father/mother is a housemaid/bright boy
92 AH090 Tamilarasan 6000 $135 Kurinji School, Namakkal 6 Family with low income. Only child/mother very focussed from rural area.