ASHA Chennai Scholarships

Report for October- November 2003

 December 6, 2003


Recall Activities of Prior Periods 

  1. The students of 2002-2003 who appeared for the public exams at Standard 12 level have done well.
  2. For the year 2003-2004, 53 school students from UKG to Standard 12 have been selected.. Many of these students aspire to become engineers, science, commerce and arts graduates and bio-technologists.
  3. The SAC (Support A Child) programme for fund raising was adopted by ASHA Chennai to help support individual ASHA scholars by individual donors. The details of this is on the website
  4. The first disbursement of funds for this year was made on August 15, 2003. This event was reported in the local press – “Adyar Times” Weekly Newspaper with a photograph.
  5. Student mentoring has been given importance.


Activities in October 2003 – November 2003 

  1. ASHA Scholarship projected funds requirement for 2003-2004 has been raised completely. A part of the funds raised is already on its way to India.
  2. On November 2, 2003, a meeting of the ASHA scholars from Standard 11 and above along with the senior students of Sowbagya Trust was conducted. It provided very useful insights into college fee structures and some insight into how the students of the Higher Secondary  classes (Standard 11 and 12) were planning for higher education.
  3. The reports of mid-term performances of students have started trickling in. Most reports so far are quite encouraging.
  4. Some children need more attention and follow-up. For instance, one child has reported the results incorrectly and the Guardian has also not reported honestly. This particular child needs to be attended to. In the case of another child who was not doing well in Standard 10, thanks to the alertness of the nominator and the honesty of the child, ASHA could intervene at the right time. This girl child is now receiving after-school support and her performance has improved considerably.


Planned Activities in December 2003 and January 2004 

As the projected funds has already been raised, a few students recommended from the projects in suburban areas like, Project Dream, Project Tea Trust and Project Build may also be included as ASHA Scholars, if approved by the Chennai core volunteers.
  1. The next round of disbursements and mentoring is scheduled for early January 2004.
  2. The sponsor to student matching table is almost complete and will be posted on the website soon.
  3. Performance reports will be coming in from all students by mid-December 2003.
  4. A format for reporting to the sponsors is being drafted.
  5. Planning to get the first report to the sponsors by mid January 2004.
  6. Details of Amounts disbursed and the Children supported are in a separate report.