ASHA Chennai Scholarships

Report for December 2003


January 6, 2004


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Recall Activities of Prior Periods

1.      Fund raising for this project is completed. Funds were in the pipeline and were yet to reach Chennai

2.      The next round of disbursements was due in early January 2004.

3.      Performance reports were being collected from students.

4.      Sponsor- scholar matching was almost complete.

5.      A format for reporting to the donors was being evolved.


Activities in December 2003

  1. Rs1.74 lakhs, (the money received for scholarships at the Asha Silicon valley Chapter till mid November 2003) has reached via Varanasi in the form of the rupee draft. {The money was sent end November before thanksgiving and was cashable in Varanasi in early December.} The Silicon Valley Treasurer and the Asha Chennai Asst. treasurer have taken great care to see that the money reach us in time.


Planned Activities in January 2004

  1. The next round of disbursements is planned for 25th/26th January 2004. The dates have been postponed on account of the tremendous work pressure due to the Asha Conference.
  2. The half yearly exams are over in almost all schools and the 1st semester exams in almost all colleges. The children would be able to bring in the latest results.
  3. Letters are to be sent out at least 15 days in advance to scholars and the nominators about the disbursements. Jebadurai will dispatch the letters by end of the week.
  4. Arjun and Radha have very happily offered to share the workload of this project, increased due to SAC sponsor report to the individual donors.
  5. Rajaram will make the format for the reports to sponsors very soon.
  6. A decision on helping more students will be taken ( as some extra money has come the SAC way)


The accounts will be on the website after the scholarship disbursements.


Lakshmi Suryanarayanan

Project steward , Asha Chennai Scholarships