ASHA Chennai Scholarships - Support A Child Report
( for Year June 2006 to May 2007 )

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Date- June 20, 2007

Asha Chennai decided in May 2006 to support about 120 students for scholarship.
In August 2006 there was a request for conveyance support for spastic children who have moved out into regular school from the special school Vidyasagar at Kotturpuram. It was decided that the request for the 4 children would be treated as part of the scholarship project and the numbers to be supported appropriately raised.
For the 124 scholars we have support from 76 SAC donors from India and abroad. The scholarship list web page was updated every fortnight and that helped find donors for all the students.

Some Statistics for 2006-2007 
Every Asha Chennai Scholar has an Asha code. 
When we started the project in June 2002 we started with AA and the following year AB and so on. 2006-2007 students have the Code AE
The table below gives us an idea of how the support is distributed.

Asha Code

 Starting Academic Year  Years of receipt of scholarship till 2006-2007  No. of scholars in 2006-2007 in each code
AA  2002-2003 5 7
AB  2003-2004 4 7
AC  2004-2005 3 37
AD  2005-2006 2 28
AE  2006-2007 1 45
Grand Total  124

Of the three who have completed Engineering one has been placed in HCL Technologies, 1 in Wipro. The results of the third person will be available in July 2007. He is attending interviews and hopes to find a good placement by the time the results are declared.
The students who have completed their degree courses are expecting to find jobs and also continue their education through suitable correspondence courses.
Students who have done the vocational courses also expect to get placements suitably once their results are declared.
All 8 students who have completed Higher Secondary exams have passed . The matks range from 90%+ to 50%+ They have all secured admission to colleges.
All 5 students who have completed Class 10 (high School have passed the board exams creditably. They are entering Higher Secondary classes with different subjects.

The work was divided amongst volunteers of asha Chennai called the scholaership focus group. The students were met at regular intervals, their progress monitored, support given to the those having difficulties through outside school tuitions and some strategies to cope with pressure.
Most students responded well and met their mentors ans provided their progress reports from schools.

Scholarship disbursements happened in most cases in two installments. The first installment was disbursed individually to them in June- July 2006 time frames. The next installment was mostly in a group meeting in December. For those who received the third installment (depending on fee structure and individual school practices) these installments were also disbursed individually.
No of students supported = 124 
Total amount of scholarship disbursed = Rs 933626 
Total amount collected from various donors = Rs978568 
By Indian Donations = Rs168075 
By US Chennai donations = $17430 = Rs810493 
The selections for continuation of scholarships have been completed. The new series applications are with code AF. New selections are in the process of being made.

Reports to individual donors
Where results have come reports are being sent. We expect the process to be completed by end June. The new list with continuing scholars is ready and should now be uploaded anytime. The list will be updated from time to time