Proposal for Project Sangamam - Thiruvarur

       Greetings. Servers and thin clients with 5 monitors had come to our school which is sponsored by Sun Micro systems through IIT chennai.  The other requirements for them like Stabilisers, UPS, networking connections, furnitures for housing the systems were provided by us. The  next step is to appoint teachers. I have sent you 2 bio datas for teacher posting through Dr kamakodi. Since our school is Govt aided as you  know well, there may not be any fund for teachers salary for computer education. I have already sent you a request for providing teachers  salary. I wish to appoint 2 teachers since students strength is 475 and they are all under the age group of 15.It is better to have 2  teachers to teach computers from basic level. Regarding Vishnupuram School, they already have teachers for computer  courses and they need one  more teacher. If you provide a monthly salary of Rs 2500 , both the schools shall share the salary amount among ourselves. I also wish to put  another request. Our school has no watchman or clerk which govt cant support as per their norms. The total cost of the systems is around 7.5  lakhs, it is better to have one watchman at least for night hours. We are improving our school both academically and by developing buildings  with the great support, help and guidance of ASHA. I request you to provide a minimum salary of Rs 500/month for the night watchman. Our school (Teachers, Students and Myself as secretary) will be very grateful to ASHA if you help our requests.

First floor construction is nearing completion at our school. Furnitures For Akkaraipettai school work is going on well. 

Thanking you, 

yours sincerely,