Report - Chennai Balwadi Improvement project
(April 2006)

ICDS Balwadi Besant Nagar URUR kuppam 1078: The corporation of Madras has carried out reflooring with cement, and thus the smoothness of the surface was spoilt. However we at asha chennai have already planned to carry out repairs and maintenance, and as the funds/donors have not been in sight, we have been deferring. WEe are optimistic that some thing should materialise, before the advent of the next academic year in a couple of months time. However as regards the requirements of fans etc, SBI has promised to deliver, and the materials would be distributed not only to this unit but to several other units as well. 

Efforts are also on to get the other building for our balwadi use, as the strength of this unit has already touched 80. As such it is too cramped. With the lack of space, when one pays a visit to this centre at bout after lunch time when the children have their siesta, the place can be compared to tin can completely packed with sardines. Hence our incessant efforts without let up to retrieve the other building, which we had renovated at a cost of over Rs.50,000 three years ago, not withstanding the fact, that this would create ruffled feathers in no uncertain terms, in certain quarters. 

Our senior intern Revathy who has gone on maternity leave, was deliverd of a male baby a month back. We have enlisted the services of another intern by name Devi, who has just completed her higher secondary, for a temporary period, or to be precise, till the return of the one who has attained the status of a mother.

Balwadis at Ekaambaram Pillai St.,1054,57 & 88:

The centres have been showing results, as we have noted certain positive changes in the attitudes of the teachers as well the maid assistants.
One of our volunteers Kasturi Easwaran has donated a Godrej cup board, and we have taken the same to 1057, since the other strtucture has already been provided earlier. While trtansporting the cupboard, the workers were rather negligent, resulting in a damage to the vinyl flooring(a tear for about 2 sq.ft size). This has got to be given some tinkering and painted later.

We have also brought in slotted angled steel frame cup boards for these units, to house the toys and play materials etc., during the time children are present.

Balwadis at Nochinagar & Kuppam 1063,65 and 66:

Fans and eating food plates and Tumblers are required as also for the above. We are awaiting SBI largesse. These centres also were provided with slotted angled steel frame cup boards, for housing toys and play materials. A lady from Bambino School at Abhiramapuram volunteered to come and assist in teaching and trraining the interns. But for some in explicable reasons, she has not reported thus far; however we are optimistic.

Shall report to you on any changes or development.

ananth e s