1. A C C Sheets leaks repaired, and broken apron sheets replaced on the roofs.

  2. Two toilets constructed with main sewer connection to Road at a comfortable level, for easy flow, with 3 siphon manholes.

  3. A bore well of 6 inches dia upto 35 ft dug, with 0.5 hp self priming pump fixed for hauling water.

  4. An over head tank of 1000 litres capacity installed with relevant water supply lines to both the structures.

  5. 4 numbers open cupboards with cuddappah slabs provided in the hall.

  6. 2 numbers concrete dais cum cupboard provided for both the kitchens.

  7. 4 numbers of fans and 6 numbers of tube lights and 2 exhaust fans and other lighting plug points provided.

  8. TNEB single phase connection obtained for about total 10 hp capacity

  9. 2 numbers butterfly stoves/ovens and a gas connection given.

  10. Entire structure and boundary walls painted with relevant coat of paints.

  11. Floor areas broken spots repaired and big cavities filled up and floor areas given a smooth work out for fixing mats.

  12. Vinyl flooring mats fixed in both the halls.

  13. The main Iron gate and the pillar repaired and for a broadened area an extra length of door fabricated.

  14. The entire circumference of the interior of the halls for a breadth width of about 3 ft. coated with graphic arts depicting various forms.

  15. A treated metro water line was connected and a serviced hand pump fixed, giving an alternate source of water supply in abundance.

General cleaning and some minor Miscellaneous works need to be carried out to bring to the conclusion of this phase before we think of a suitable date for formal inauguration of the scheme.

The Cost: (All in Rupees. and rouded to the nearest thousand.)

Fixing Roof and wall leaks, floor and compound wall fixing -12500
Repainting of walls with scribble area - 12000
2 Toilets (incl. sewerage) - 25000; 
link of main sewers/metro potable water conxn.Rs.4000.
Electric lines and electrical fittings+TNEB- 12000
Graphics/art on wall-- 4000
Water supply (with bore pump) - 12000
Cupboards - 5000
Gas stove - 10000
Misc.contig. charges 6000

Mats - 11500(total area covered is about 1180 sq.ft.
Additional Costs Expected for Completion 10,500.

Total Infrastructure Costs: Rs 1,25,000 /-

The other establishment charges that would be required during the current year:
Teacher/Intern salary - 12 * 2500 + 5000 = 35000
Electricity -- 3000
Gas -- 7000
Maintenance - 10000
Annual day Function 10000