(Monthly Report for March 2005)

This mail is the report on works carried out as per our schedule of project execution/implementation. 

As per approval we have started our work on the 19th with an invocation to the ALMIGHTY on saturday the March 19th inst. the actual work beginning on the monday following. 

We have had plans to execute the work in clusters of balwadis lying in the areas affected by the TSUNAMI on the day succeeding the last X-Mas day. 

These balwadis numbered 1065,66 and 63 were housed in the structures constructed by the slum clearance board, on monthly rental basis. These dwelling units were constructed in the mid 70s. As for the condition of these units the less said about, the better.(please do not be irritated by the preamble). The structures even without TSUNAMI were and are horrible in status. It is a wonder then that TSUNAMI did not have its toll. One would be struck in awe and terror if one has the unenviable fortune or rather the misfortune of visiting these places; most of them have their overhead roof concrete plasters in tatters, exposing the binding tor steel, frightening the inmates, like domocles sword. The windows are there sans the doors, as they had either given way due to poor quality, or the forceful beach breeze would have taken a toll. Ofcourse 
poor economic status has deprived the thieves from venturing with their skill. Wel;l I don't want to digress further, as I have given a sample of the status. 

We have taken up 1065 and 66 that are housed in the same complex, one in the first floor of a wing closer to the sea and the other one on the ground floor in another wing. 

Since the balwadis were/are in no different shape, we knew we were going to be confronted with no mean task in getting the repairs/renewals carried out. Ofcourse I for my part am an undying optimist, and so want to be equal to the task on hand. 
The Windows could not be removed for repairs, and so I had to plan a different way of executing the job of fixing the doors, changing the corroded steel rods, without removing the frame and cladding the same with new wooden scales. The job had become time consuming and cost escalating. 

The cement concrete plaster peels gave way in such a fashion that the areas to be so fixed trebled. 
And so far we have provided 2 concrete slab platforms each, one for the kitchen to hold the fuel gas oven, and the other one for store room. 

We have constructed cupboards for both these units with 3 slabs of Cuddappah stones. 

We have almost finished the carpentry work on all the windows, doors, 15% remaining. 

We have completed the plastering of all the surfaces that were to be covered. 

We have dug out a borewell to a depth of 30 ft plus the water available from 15 ft, and the quality being fairly good, tjhe job being carried out today(fri). 

We have started the fencing the balwadi 1063 with compound wall. 

In carrying out these aforementioned jobs, we have unfortunately encountered social problems that if explained would sully our very act of social service. Suffice it to say that we could get along with all these rather successfully, and we hope to complete the tasks on hand by about the 10th inst. or by the tamil new years day. 

But the cost escalation in the form of extra materials like cement,sand, wood etc., and the labour for extra hours, would take place in the order of about 25 to 30 % more than what we have envisaged. And so I am afraid I am constrained to come before you with an appeal to approve of the cost escalation, for the 3 balwadis. 

You can refere the cost projection in our mail dated 6th march 2005 

Thank you for your patience, and consideration. 

Ananth E S