Place Palayam Panchayat Union Middle School
Annual Report 2006-2007

Date- 13/5/07
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The Panchayat Union Middle Place Palayam has been in existence since 1948.
Today it has 190 students in Classes 1 to 8..
The land for the school including the land for the new building, is donated by the father of a teacher supported by Asha (now working at the school).
Grant of Rs 6.75 lakhs has been provided by Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA), for building construction. The building will be ready by June 2007.

Asha Chennaiís role in 2006-2007
Asha chennai has been involved in the school since April 2006.
In 2006-2007, Asha Chennai has helped the school by providing two teachers, trays for storing Activity Based Learning (ABL) material, games material, cooking utensils for the schoolís kitchen, Maths Kit (Jodo Gyan). Asha chennaiís assistance was at a cost of nearly Rs 42000. ( Approx $1000) This money was allocated in a meeting from the buffer funds.

Expenses 2006-2007

S No. Items  Cost in INR
1. Honorarium for teachers ( incl. Gifts)  28400
2. Site Visits by steward ( travel and refreshments)  1524
3. LTM Material ( Jodo Gyan Games and Teacher training)  5990
4. Trays for ABL Material  2599
5. Cooking Utensils  3250
  Total for the year  41763


Place Palayam Panchayat Union Middle School
Proposal for 2007-2008

The nearest high school to this place is about 10 km away.
The children of the school too want the school to offer higher classes ie Classes 9 and 10. The school requires lab material, cupboards, chairs, fans and tube lights for the new building. Besides the school requires an English teacher, a physical education teacher, and a science teacher may be at a later date.
Asha Chennaiís assistance will immensely benefit the children, particularly avoiding school drop out.

Proposed budget for 2007- 2008

S No. Items  Cost in INR
1. Honorarium for existing teachers  43550
2. Honorarium for English and Phy Ed teacher  25000
3. Honorarium for Science teacher  15000
4. Lab Material  5000
5. Games Materials  2000
6. Notebooks  15000
7. Uniforms for 20 children  1000
8. Fans and tube lights 3 Nos each  2000
9. Cupboards and Chairs  10000
10. Mats 1000
  Total for the year  119550

Total requirement is Rs1,20,000 Approx $3000

This works to approximately Rs 10,000 per month only, just Rs 50 per child per month or Rs600 per child per year for 200 children.