Proposal for improvement of classroom processes in a corporation school.

Date – 10th Dec 2003

*** Note-1

Over the years a number of efforts were made to improve the facilities and services offered to children in Govt. run schools. Despite these the quality of learning offered in many schools is far from satisfactory. A number of evaluation studies on classroom processes in govt. schools have stated that,

  • Low achievement levels of children passing out each year.
  • Continuation of drill and other monotonous teaching methods
  • Inadequate lesson planning.
  • Non-availability of learning material for self and group learning material.
  • Concept of organizing small groups for peer learning and individualized attention to learners has not taken roots.
  • Facilities such as library books are not available to children on a regular basis.
  • Long hours of children’s productive time being un or underutilized. Large combined classes with one teacher or the other busy with other tasks.
  • Lack of art, craft, music, sports activities on a regular basis for all round development of children.


Goal of the present project - Major improvement in quality of learning in a primary school in Beasant Nagar (zone 10)


  • To facilitate learning in the classroom through creation of learning corners

within each classroom

-         through provision of a variety of age appropriate material.

-         organizing children to work as a group and as individuals.

-         linking the material with subjects.

  • To build the capacity of the teachers in lesson planning, choosing appropriate methods and evolving necessary material so that concepts of child centred learning is internalized.
  • To enable the teachers and children to monitor the progress and evaluate the levels of learning.
  • To promote all round development of children through music, craft, art,

      drama, dance, and sports activities during classes and workshops.

  • To ensure that vibrant library activities become part of the school time- table and a variety of creative activities are built around it.
  • To facilitate regular involvement of the parents in PTA meetings and sharing the progress of their children.



1. Coordinator

  • Purchase of material, keeping stock and accounts, distribution of material to class, organizing permanent features of the classroom such as open shelves, cupboards, display boards, bulletin boards, children’s black board.
  • Ensuring the use of material in language, math, science and other classes.
  • Arranging for resource persons and coordinating with the school during their visits.
  • Evolving monitoring guidelines with the teachers for assessing progress of children.
  • Ensuring that mechanisms such as portfolios of children are organized and maintained.
  • Ensuring display of student works.
  • Organizing meetings with the teachers to discuss issues of importance.
  • Assisting the teacher in classroom activities in large classes, during creative activities or as and when the need arises.
  • Planning and executing such activities as workshops/ camps for children as well as teachers.

  2.Supportive resource group 

This group will comprise a panel of educationists, subject specialists, heads of training institutions, teachers of private schools, interested individuals whom the coordinator will draw upon from time to time.

 A panel of artisans, artists, craft and music teachers, theatre and dance experts, sports coaches will be drawn upon to interact with the children and teachers during class time as well as during special workshops, camps organized from time to time.




1. Personnel

  • Coordinator salary + conveyance + communication 6,500x12
Rs  78,000
  • Honorarium/ traveling allowance to resource persons ( Subject specialists, artists, musicians, dance teachers sports coaches etc who will interact with children and teachers at regular intervals during classes as well as during camps/ workshops)
Rs. 20, 000

2. Materials

  • Montossorie material, science material, maths material, Language material, supplementary reading material for learning centers in every classroom,
  • Other material such as art material such as crayons, colouring sheets, paints, clay, colour papers, scissors, fevicol during classes and  during camps; Folios and paper for children’s work and other consumables,
Rs. 25,000
  • Library books
Rs. 10,000
  • Cupboards, open shelves (children’s size), display boards book boxes and other accessories, children’s blackboard, sports material etc.
Rs  35,000

3. Contingency

  • ( Administration, Transport, Misc)
Rs. 10,000


Rs. 2,28,000


*** Note-2

Provision for supporting the head of school

  • At the beginning of the academic year June 2004- Uniforms @ Rs 120/child for 300 children

Rs 36,000
  • Notebooks @ Rs 100/child to be added tothe parents contribution for quality improvement like handwriting, English language workbooks etc… 

Rs 30,000


 During the year

  • Repairs and maintenance of infrastructure
Rs 14,000

Grand Total

Rs 3,00,000

Rupees Three Lakhs.


Ø     This is an estimate. A deviation of not more than 5% on either side could be expected.

Ø     Can start from January 2004

Ø     The approximate month wise funding requirement is be worked out below


January 2004       Rs 50,000  +  Coord salary  Rs6500 + Optional maintenance

Feb       2004       Rs 20,000  +  Coord salary  Rs6500  + Optional maintenance

March   2004       Rs 20,000  +  Coord salary  Rs6500 + Optional maintenance

April     2004       Rs 20,000  +  Coord salary  Rs6500 + Optional maintenance

May      2004       Rs 20,000  +  Coord salary  Rs6500 + Optional Rs 66,000

                                                     (for  uniforms, notebooks)

June      2004       Rs 2000     + Coord salary  Rs6500 + Optional maintenance

July      2004        Rs 4000    + Coord salary  Rs6500 + Optional maintenance

August 2004        Rs 4000    + Coord salary  Rs6500 + Optional maintenance

Sept     2004         Rs 3000    + Coord salary  Rs6500 + Optional maintenance

Oct      2004         Rs 1000    + Coord salary  Rs6500 + Optional maintenance

Nov     2004         Rs 3000    + Coord salary  Rs6500 + Optional maintenance

Dec     2004         Rs 3000    + Coord salary  Rs6500 + Optional maintenance


                              Rs 1,50,000 + Coord salary Rs 78,000 = Rs 2,28,000

  + Optional ( maintenance) Rs14,000 +  Rs 66,000 (for  uniforms, notebooks)


Grand total                Rs3,00,000