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Poorna Vidya- Working with the Chennai Corporation School in Zone 10

November 2, 2003
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Poorna Vidya 
Report on the progress of this project January to October 2004

 Dec 2003- Project Plan Asha Pitts Macdonald Lodge came up
Major improvement in quality of learning in the Corporation primary school in Odaima Nagar, Besant Nagar , Chennai-90(Corporation zone 10) Budget of Rs 3 lakhs for the year 1004

January 2004-

The Project was started. The following things happened in Jan 2004

      The appointment of two intern- facilitators for the school-  Satyapriya and Thangadurai. Guidnce and training of the intern- facilitators on a weekly three meetings basis onsite and on Saturdays by Project guides Ms. Sarswathi P and Lakshmi S

      Teacher training in use of materials and facilitated learning was provided to the corporation appointed teachers of the school at the Montessori training center at Adyar.  

      Purchase of learning teaching material worth Rs11,000+

      Getting ready of worksheets for administration of student learning levels in Tamil, Maths and general awareness ( Environment Studies)


February 2004-

      Purchase of more learning teaching material worth Rs 44000+

      Continued support with training and use of material to the interns.

      Providing a mobile phone to the interns for access to the Project Guides

      Administering the worksheets and talking to all children (using class teachers from outside)


March 2004-

      Compiling the results of the initial assessment and submitting a report to The Lodge. Made a list of children showing high achievement, for follow up later.

      Purchase of more learning teaching material worth Rs 18000+, including bowls for midday meals, medical kit, and stationery items for use by children

      Monitoring work progress though regular visits to the school.

      Continued support with training and use of material to the interns


April 2004-

      Efforts to improve the infrastructure of the school with the help of the corporation authorities and the school headmistress

      Observation of the school exam process by the interns.

      Discussion with the school headmistress on her understanding of how things are moving with the school after our intervention. She expressed satisfaction with the work of the interns and progress of the students.

      Discussion with the interns on their perception of the schools progress


May 2004-

      Consolidation of the woksheet material used by Ms. P. Saraswathi

      Preparation of material for the new academic year by Ms. P. Saraswathi

      Review of the interns work by Saraswathi and Lakshmi. It ws found that some more commitment from the interns would be required to add thrust to the project. This was communicated to the interns.


June 2004-

      Intern Sathyapriya left for better prospects

      Thangadurai was also sagging in the work due to other commitments

      New intern Amudha was appointed in mid June after a rigorous interview and selection process. She had previous teaching experience in similar circumstance of teaching the underprivileged.

      Ms Saraswthi was at school regularly, personally to make sure that things would not go back. Mrs lakshmi helped out by being constantly in touch with the Headmistress about the needs and situation

      School was in the process of admissions for std 1 and higher classes.

      Notebooks for all students were purchased and distributed to all students~ Rs 20,000

      Children were measured for uniforms


July 2004-

      On the 7th of July 2004, uniforms wee distributed to the children in the presence of Lodge Members , Asha volunteers and the Zone supervisor in a simple function.

      From the beginning of July resource person for music from Brihadhwani was invited to bring in the sense of quality music and sonorous singing to the school

      Ms Saraswthi continued her unrelenting, unstinting support and was at school personally to make sure that things would go forward at the required pace.

      Thangadurai left as he fund employment close to his heart- theatre.

      Mrs. Dhanalakshmi was appointed after rigorous interview. She also had some experience of teaching in an innovative school for the underprivileged.


Aug 2004-

      Schoolwork was on very even keel. The intern- facilitators were flowering beautifully under guidance and on their initiative.

      Intern made learning teaching material, work cards wee being added on a steady, regular basis. Their interactions with guides were regular and meaningful. They were very confident and happy with the progress of the work.

      School was using the material satisfactorily but things must be better. It was found however that the school should use more of the learning through the sensorial approach.


September 2004-

       Workshop on Piagets Theories on Cognitive Development highlighting the nature of the primary children and their developmental aspects at the sensory-motor and concrete stages was held by Dr. L.S. Sarawathi highlighting how children learn at the primary stage and how it was necessary for them to learn to explore through exploration of concrete objects.

      Another demonstration of use of material by the school children by Anitha Sathish was done to shw the teachers of the school the potential in the children for creativity and new learning.


October 2004-

      Planning for the assessment of students achievements the study change in the last six months of inputs. Worksheets designed based on the different required competencies, execution planned and analysis of the results planned with the same group of teachers that did the preliminary assessment in February March 2004

      Execution of the second assessment in three areas Tamil, Maths and EVS. Results are in the process of being analyzed and consolidated.

      Introduction of spoken English classes for the teachers and interns. This is done with the view of empowering the teachers to help them improve the quality of English teaching learning process in the school.


Work ahead-

      For the guides- Interpreting results, Planning for course correction

      Discussion of the study of the results with the teachers and HM to get their perspectives through a workshop and providing the required course correction.

      Providing the required maintenance and infrastructure support for the school

      Working with the idea of creating a Resource room with educational games and digital lessons for Audio Visual learning for information and language development.

      Planning for support to the school for 2005

      Understanding the school requirements in the future from us.