Rishiyur Site Visit Report for Dream Project & Light Project
(On 3rd Mar. 2005)

We had started from chennai on 3rd march at morning 8’o clock by car.The back seat and trunk of the car was fully loaded with study materials and sports goods given by asha to our Rishiyur school.we reached Needamangalam at evening 4’o clock .There we met Dr.Sekar who is working in primary health center in Needamangalam taluk.we spent some time with him and we had discussion about how far he could help for the medical checkup to the Rishiyur school students. Then we reached Manargudi at 8pm.Mr Selvaraj hope you all know him well previously he was working as Head Master in Rishiyur school,but now he is head master in Kondaiyur Village primary school,he is expecting some study materials for his school.

Next day morning at 9 am, we reached Rishiyur school.we were surprised to see all the teachers including two govt teachers were in same co lour saree’s.It looks like uniform for the teachers and it was so impressive. It shows their unity. we delivered all the materials. we had nice discussion with Head Mistress and other teachers and some of the students. In the meantime the nearby village namely Arichapuram ,their village president and his team were waiting to meet us.They invited us to visit their village primary school & balwadi.since there is no electricity at the moment at rishiyur school we proceeded towards the above village by 12 noon.we spend nearly about 2 hours in that school.we had given all the details below.we returned back to Rishiyur school at 2 pm.They arranged some variety programmes like dance, song, oratorical, fancy dress etc done by the students and headed by the PTA village president Mr.MaruthaMuthu.Our teacher have written a “kavithai”(poem) about asha and it was read by our teacher Maharani.It was so nice.
All the programmes were captured by video camera and it will be sent in aseperate mail.
After this programme’s we met some of the scholarship students and discussed with them about their studies. we could not meet all of them because of examination time.

We returned to the lodge in manargudi by 8 pm.some teachers and village president from
Devangudi village came there to see us and discussed about their the village school.They also need some study materials from asha,details given below.

The next day Mr.Selvaraj came to our room and took us to his village Kondaiyur school.There we met all the village team and the teachers .This village also economically backward and they need our support. Details given below.

From there we proceeded to Villakudi(Light Project) and we visited the primary school and balwadi.balwadi has been repaired fully and it looks nice.The money allotted for that purpose thst is Rs.35000 was given to Mr.Viswanathan (retd Head Master), for the construction of the primary school compound wall,in the presence of village team. We visited
the high school too and met the Head Master and the other teachers. Details given below.

From 4 pm to 7 pm we had interaction with scholarship students. All the students were present.

Details of School:

1. Arichapuram:

The village is about 8 km from the manargudi in Needamangalam taluk.
Mostly economically backward and with a population of 1208.In this village
In this village there is one balwadi and primary school.

Details of the balwadi:

Boys – 15
Girls – 10
Teacher – 1
Assistant – 1

Building- Good Condition and looks better.

Matts & playing materials.

Primary School:

I st standard to IV standard.
Total no of students :109.
Teachers : 3
PTA: 1

Expected :

1 + 1 teacher.
Study materials & playing goods.
Uniform to students.

There is one Handicapped student who had finished B.com in that village need’s some

2. Devangudi 
It is a village near arichapuram.Economically slightly better Thereis one High school in this villege..

Primary school
Total no of students: 105

Study materials and playing goods.

3. Kondaiyur
The village is about 15 km from Manargudi. Mostly Economically backward.

Primary school
I st standard to V standard.
Total strength: 103

Study materials & playing goods.
Uniform for students.
Teacher: 1

4. Villagudi(light project)

Higher Secondary School
1 dot-matrix printer
1 ups for Computer
Rs.18000 as margin money,for this Govt would provide books worthof more than Rs. One lakh for the school library. .