Improvements of Rishiyur School. 
Asha Chennai proposal—Middle School land and Building. 
30th March 2005

Background / Project Details

Rishiyur is a remote village in the Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu with a population of about 2500. Asha Chennai has been involved in the project right since its inception in late 2002. Since the academic year 2003-04 Asha Chennai has been working on improving the quality of education at the school.

Rishiyur has one primary School with about 30 students, a middle school with about 250 Students and one Balwadi with about 30 children. The middle School (which used to be a primary school) was in real bad shape. In recent times Asha Chennai has caused significant improvement to the school by adding 5 Teachers with some study materials like geometrical, slates, colour crayons, pencils, games, steel bureau to keep these etc. For the Middle School and High School the Rishiyur children are going to the Schools in Needamangalam Town. (4 to 5 Kms). In the present primary school there are no proper class rooms, no toilet for children and teachers, no play ground etc.

With above development and the influence of Head Master Mr. Selvaraj the Govt. granted permission for the Rishiyur School to be upgraded to a Middle School ( 6th, 7th, and 8th Std ) The Tamil Nadu Govt has granted Rs.4.5 Lakhs for the construction of three class rooms under S.S.A. Scheme (for 6th, 7th , and 8th), for which the village has to provide the land area. Since there is no land available for expansion at the present Primary School area, we were forced to go for a new land with all the facilities so that we can give a Quality education. Asha Chennai purchased half an acre of land for this purpose and donated it to the school. The new SSA building with three classrooms has been built on this land and to the satisfaction of everyone including several visiting Asha volunteers.

Now the school is running in two separate places which is practically difficult. So we need to buy the adjacent land (about 2 to 3 acres) so that we can construct 8 class rooms ( 4 class rooms in ground floor and 4 class rooms in first floor) with all facilities like library room, resource room with good play ground for the children. Quality education can be provided with the above facilities. Also included is the cost for toilets for the students that will built separately.

HOSPITAL : There are no Hospitals or private nursing homes in that Village or within 5 Kms. After shifting the primary school to the New Building, we need not waste the old School building. We plan to convert it into a Hospital with Maternity facility. This would be taken up as a separate project.

Budget Details :

Land area  2.5 acre (0.5 acre already donated).
School Building 4 Class rooms in ground floor.
4 Class rooms in 1st floor.
One H.M. room with toilet room in the ground floor.
One teachers room with toilet room in 1st floor.
Plinth area Ground Floor-- 251.255 sqm or 2736 sqft.
1st Floor-------251.255 sqm or 2736 sqft.

Toilet for Children 2 toilet of 250 Sqft each (one for the boys and one for the girls).

The toilets would be outside the school building near the compound wall, about 30feet from the school building.

(Please see the attached plan for the building and toilets).


Land 3acres & Rs 75,000 per acre Rs.  2,25,000
Registration Expenses Rs      25,000
Building---Ground floor for 2736sqf @ Rs. 425 per sqf Rs 11,62,800
                 Fist floor for 2736sqf @ Rs. 350 per sqf. Rs.  9,57,600


Rs. 23,70,400 
Toilets (for 500 sqft at Rs 100 per sqft) Rs.      50,000

Grand total incl. toilets 

Rs. 24,30,400