Hello Everyone,

Lakshmi, myself, Shanthipriya and Jeba had a meeting yesterday with Arjun to discuss the status of the 
project and some upcoming events.

We first laid out the expenses upto September.

1. Clothes for 1st to 5th std students -- Rs 13,000 -- Already paid by Asha.
2. Stitching for 1st to 5th std students -- Approx Rs 10,500 -- Work in progress.
3. Additional clothes and stitching for 6th Std -- Approx Rs 7,500.
4. Teachers Salary June -- Rs 4000 -- Already paid by Arjun (to be reimbursed).
July -- Rs 4000, August -- Rs 4000.
5. Sports Eqpmt -- Approx Rs 3000 -- About Rs 800 already spent by Arjun. Arjusn will buy items for the 
6. Tape Recorder and tapes for the school -- Approx Rs 3000 -- I twill buy this.
7. Educational Materials -- Approx Rs 3000 -- Lakshmi will buy this.
8. Volunteer's Travel -- Approx Rs 1,500.

Total -- Approx Rs 53,500 /-

FYI, we have raised Rs 48,000/- for the project and allocated additional Rs 30,000 from the buffer 

Lakshmi, myself and Sathyapriya would travel to Rishiyur and Vilakudi on August 4th and 5th. We would be 
taking the uniforms, sports eqpmt, tape recorder and educational materials with us. The plan for the 
trip is as follows,

Mon morning: Vilakudi. Visit and inspect both Balwadis and primary school.
Mon afternoon/evening: Function to distribute the materials to the school students and teachers. 
Possibly some discussion with the teachers and village leaders.
I will probably return back to Chennai on Monday evening.
Tuesday: Lakshmi and Sathyapriya would spend the day in Rishiyur school attending the classes, 
monitoring/accessing the students and teachers.

In September we should plan to provide training for the teachers from Rishiyur and Vilakudi (along with 
the teachers from other projects).