Dream project site visit report for the year 13-14

On 8th October 20013 myself & my wife left Chennai, after noon we reached Rishiyur for the

Condolence of Late Mr Maruthamuthu ( the dream project started in his house in2002 with good

Help from him , who was a village head ) and we left Rishiyur and stayed at Mannarkudi.

Next day on 9th October 13-14 We visited the Thenkarivayel P.U.Middle school which is about

15 K.M. from Mannarkudi .One Asha Teacher is working in this School. She wants to resign as

She is in the family way and may not be able to continue. Mrs Prama applied for asha teacher post

( she is Trained and qualified Teacher ) recommended by the H.M. I asked her to join in December

2013. We supplied some Sport materials and Uniform for all Children. The H.M. arranged a small

Meeting with all thr teachers for about 30 minutes. Some of students got the prize in the

Interschool competition in state level. The present H.M. will be retiring shortly. The students

Are using the Computer and C.D. given by us ( by Vidhya ) and we left the school by 1 P.M.

We had a break and had launch under the tree shade in the side of the road.

We reached the Arichapuram P.U. Middle School by 2.P.M. and had nice reception by the student.

In this School One Asha Teacher and One Asha Teasher Cum Coordinator is working. The H.m

Mrs Prama is more interested in improving the school and she expects more support from us.

After having some discussion with the teachers and local parents, the children of the school

Perform nice entertainment for all of us for about 1 Hour. The flooring of the computer room

Completely gone and with the help of local Panchyat , flooring work is going on the room will be

Ready with in 10 days. We gave the uniform for all the student.

Then we visited the Balwadi ( with 25 children ) we enjoyed by playing with the children and talking

With the kids . We left the Arichapuram by 4.30 P.M. and returned to our room.

Next day on 10th October 13-14 We started to Villakudi and reached around 10.30 A.M. and visited

The Balwadi ( with20 children). We have already supplied the play material and mats ect----

We spent one hour with the children and return back to mannarkudi had our lunch.

By about 2P.M. we visited the Kannur P.U. Primary school. The school is in bad condition and the

Village it self very poor. We have already supplied study materials, pencils and pencils boxes ec----

We gave the uniform for all the students and all students are so happy. The H.M. is good and

Cooperative for us . She was previously worked in Poovanur school so she knows us well. She

Expects more help from us for next year. We left the school by 4.30 P.M. and returned to


Next day on 11th October 2013 we returned chennai