Proposal for WAH funding










Prepared By:


Asha for Education

Stamford, CT Chapter






Commitment of support from Asha Stamford


Asha Stamford has supported the DDS School in 2004 with an amount of $6000 that was largely applied towards teacher’s salaries.


This year Asha Stamford proposes to raise the funding to $7800. This will include $4381 which is the amount planned to be raised through the Work An Hour program. The funds raised thru the Work An Hour program will be applied to fund the school library with books of educational and recreational value in addition to the text books.




Merits of supporting DDS


As is evident from the budget of the school, there are several opportunities to assist the school in its ambitious expansion plans. The continuity of the relationship and the past trip reports have all vouched for the fact that the funds go a long way in fulfilling the fundamental goal of Asha – education opportunity for the underserved.


There is a strong commitment to find constructive ways in which to strengthen the association between Asha Stamford and DDS. On a recent visit by Chitra Aiyer, the school and Chitra planted a “Friendship Tree” to symbolize the hope of nurturing the school and growing it to be strong force of change for the tribal children.