IHDUA Mullur, Karnataka

Aswin Punathambekar

Date: 13-Oct-2002

IHDUA (Intnl Human Development & Upliftment Agency), Mysore
The IHDUA was established in 1991 and focuses on rural education, rural health & hygiene, women's empowerment, and integrated rural development programs. They established a school in 1992 in Mullur village 24 kms from Mysore. 290 children from 5 villages attend classes from primary to 8th grade. There are 8 full time teachers (5M, 3W) and have support of the zilla panchayat. They have ties with schoolnet from whom they've received a computer. Last year they had the first batch take the LISLC(?) - state 7th std exam, and had good results.

Schooling is free for needy students and free books, uniforms etc. are provided from a central fund. Currently they have an Adopt a child's education (ACE) program which supports about 90
children. Very few donors from US though (Asha can and should support publicize this effort). They want to expand till 10th grade and their initial proposal (last year) was for $15000 for construction etc. However they found a big donor who funded building one classroom (8th std).


Current proposal is for $4000. Aswin thinks we should definitely get involved in the agency's efforts.

Budget breakup:
Benches + Desks (42): Rs1500 each
Classrooms: Rs 1.25 lakhs
Lab + Library: Rs 70600 (lab is Rs 45-50000)

Contingent upon funds availability, $1000 was approved (unanimously) for just the benches (most urgent item).

Asha can publicize the ACE through newsletter and possibly donor day and other local events. NYC/NJ also support a similar adopt a child program.