Purna Pragna Trust
Alanahalli, Mysore, Karnataka, India
Application for Financial Support from ASHA-Detroit


About the organisation

1. Organisation: Purna Pragna Trust.
    Location 404, Alanahalli, Mysore 570 011, Karnataka, India
    Date of Establishment  1984.

2. Leader of Organisation
  Tara Gopinath
    Name :
    Educational Background : High School, RBV, NST

                                               30 years experience as Teacher.

    Community Service Experience :  17 years.

3. List the main goals of your organisation (you dont have to fill all three) :
    Short-term :
        (a). Non-Formal education for socially and economically deprived class.

    Long-term :
        (a). Same as above.
4. List (what you consider) as the main achievements of your organization (you dont have to fill all three) :
(a). 150 children have passed through school with minimum literacy training.  Out of the above, 60 have passed 7th standard, 12 have passed 10th standard and five have taken up higher education.
(b). 75 women have been trained in mushroom cultivation, pottery and tailoring to help self employment.

5. List some of the shortcomings that you want to overcome, if provided with sufficient resources (you dont have to fill all three) :
(a). Lack of self sufficiency to run the program

6. The community that you serve : Daily wage agricultural and construction labourers.
     Principal occupation of men & women :

    Average house-hold income (approx.) : Approximately Rs. 1200.00 per month.
    Number of children per family (average) : Five.
    Total number of children (of school-going age) in community (approx.) : 300
            Boys : 120
            Girls : 180
    School-going children (%) (approx.) : 40%
    Non-school going children (%) (approx.) : 60%
    Number of public/private schools in/near community : One government and two private schools.
    Adult literacy (%) :
            Men : 5%
            Women : 1%

7. Average annual budget for running the organisation (approx.) : Rs. 2,40,000/-

8. Percentage of annual budget spent on education-related work : 90%

9. Current / Previous sources of funding for your organisation:

Name of funding agency

Currently funding ? (yes/no)

If no, why was funding stopped ?

1. Action Aid                                                  No                                                                              As a policy funding stopped after 8yrs.

2. Child relief & you (CRY)                             No                                                                              As a policy funding stopped after 6 yrs.

3. Ratan Tata trust                                           Not known                                                                  Partial funding last year. Current status unknown.

10. Provide at least one reference/recommendation from your previous/current funding source, as an attachment
       to this application Shri Vasudeva Sharma, Project co-ordinator, Child relief and you (CRY) Bangalore.

11. Staff Information :

             Number of Volunteers : Two
                Part-time : Two
                Full-time  : Nil
             Number of Paid Staff : Six

             Education related staff:


Education Background

Nature of work


(a) Project Co ordinator High School, RBV, NST Teaching & Management Rs. 3500/-

(b) Sr. Teacher M.A. , M.Ed -------------Do------------- Rs. 3000/-

(c) Teacher B.A. , B.Ed (One) Teaching Rs.2500/-

(d) Teacher High School, NST -(Two)   Teaching Rs.2500/-

(e) Teacher-Handicrafts High School Teaching Rs.2000/-

(f) Part time Teacher, Mathematics B.Sc Teaching Rs.1200/-

12. Briefly describe some of the on-going/completed projects/programmes other than the one for which funding is requested:

    Title: Education
    Description: So far, 150 children have passed through the school. Currently 37 children are on the rolls of the school. 4 children are to take the 7th standard and 10th standard examination respectively.

    Description: This training was introduced last year. Ten children and two adults received training.

    Title: Pottery
    Description: Almost all the children and several women from the village get trained regularly in pottery which is mostly decorative.

    Title: Tailoring and embroidery
    Description: Most of the children along with several women from the village undergo this training on an ongoing basis.

    Title: Mushroom Cultivation
    Description: This project was introduced as it was envisaged to provide self employment to the village women. About 25 of them were given extensive training. The program was discontinued due to a lack of proper marketing channel.

Details on the Educational Project/Programme for which funding is requested:

13. Name of Project : PURNAPRAGNA TRUST

14. Location & Address :

15. Categorise this project as formal / non-formal / vocational-training / other. If other, specify.
  Non formal and vocational.

16. Main goals of this project :

        (a). Provide basic education to children of socially and economically backward sections of Alanahalli and Nadanahalli village.

        (b). Assist those alumni of the school who desire higher education with guidance and some financial support.

        (c). Conduct adult literacy classes and vocational guidance particularly to women an assist in self employment to supplement their family income.

17. Is this an on-going project or a new project ?

18. Target Population:

            Age group of students: 4 to 15 years.
Number of students benefitted / enrolled:
                    Boys: 65
                    Girls: 85
Family background of these students:
  Socially and economically backward, illiterate, unhygenic and poor living conditions.

Economic status of their families:
  Poor. Family income approximately Rs.1200/- per month.

Do any of them suffer from disabilities ? If so explain.
  5 children are mentally and physically underdeveloped due to malnutrition and early marriage of their parents.

Do any of the students go for work and attend this programme on a part-time basis?
  Few students work during off hours and holidays.

19. Specify criteria used for selection of students
Social and economic status / drop outs but interested in education. 

20. Specify how you evaluate the performance of the students.
Attendance regularity and day to day performance in school as judged by the teachers. 

21. Scope for further education/vocation of students after they leave programme.
Children are encouraged to appear for 7th standard and 10th standard examinations.   Those desiring higher education are given guidance and some financial support.

22. If this is on-going project, list some of the results / achievements of this project from the previous years, in terms of performance of students or any other.
65 children have passed 7th standard and 12 children have passed 10th standard. 5 students have opted for higher education and 2 students have joined the project as teachers. We have conducted 5 teacher's training programs, 2 work shops in pottery for outside projects. Counselling for women is also done.

23. Do you charge fee from the students? If so, how much?

24. Is this project being funded by any other agency

25. Details of funding requirements:

    (a) Will this be a one-time funding requirement or for what duration do you require financial support?

  Funding is requested for a period of three years.
    (b) Provide amount requested for this project:
            Year 1 : Rs. 2,40,000/-
            Year 2 : Rs. 2,53,200/-
            Year 3 : Rs. 2,66,400/-

    (c) Provide an itemized list of the proposed budget for first year only.



Teachers' salary Rs. 1,95,100/-
Teaching Materials   Rs. 22,450/-
Conveyance & travel Rs. 3000/-
Excursions & field trips Rs. 4000/-
Administration & management Rs. 14,440/-

Contact Person for Asha-Detroit to communicate with
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