May 27, 2000

Financial Report from Bal Anand

The letter was dated the 24th of April, 2000 and received at Asha-UC last week.

Dear Ms. Reddy,

A couple of weeks back, I sent letters written by the children sponsored at Bal Anand by your organization. I am now sending a statement of the money spent by us from July 1999 to April 2000 as follows:

Material for education Rs. 4812.50 (~$114.58)1

Medicines Rs. 3427.00 (~$81.59)

Food Rs. 17500.00 (?) (~$416.67)

Money given to 10 children Rs. 6000.00 (~$142.86)

Nargol picnic Rs. 4576.00 (~$108.95)

Medicines purchased for June 2000 Rs. 1869.00 (~$44.50)

Money given to children for June 2000 Rs. 6000.00 (~142.86)

Rs.44184.50 (~$1052.00)

Thanking you, etc

Mrs. Silloo B. Billimoria

Hon. Secretary, Bal Anand Exec. Com.


Asha-UC has committed to a 3 year grant to Bal Anand, Mumbai for the amount of US $ 3,600 for the period June 1999 – 2002. This amount has been agreed to be paid in three installments of US $1000, $1200, and $1400 over the course of the 3 years.

As per our contract with Bal Anand, dated April 22, 99, we sent money for medical supplies, food, scholarships and educational supplies to the school as follows:

Food Rs. 1750.00 / month more2 Rs. 21,000.00

Scholarship (10 children) Rs. 1200.00/student Rs. 12,000.00

Medicines Rs. 5000.00 more Rs. 5,000.00

Educational materials Rs. 10000.00 Rs. 10,000.00

TOTAL Rs. 48,000.00

On June 6th, 1999 a check for the amount of US $1030.00 was mailed out to Bal Anand with a copy of our brochure and a copy of the signed contract. The additional $30.00 was for any costs incurred in service charges for converting the USD.

For this academic year we are committed to the same break-up of funds as stated in the previous years contract. In addition an increase of $200.00 increment towards student scholarships for secondary school education has been included.

For the academic year June 2000-May 2001, Asha-UC is committed to a total amount of US $1200.00.

Sunit Jariwala, a student from Rutgers, NJ volunteered for Bal Anand over the winter break. He has sent a detailed report to us. He was very impressed by the school and their work and distressed by the living conditions from which the students came. I have also attached a copy of the little notes that the 10 children that Asha-UC sponsored sent us.

1 1 USD = Rs. 42

2 i.e. the money was requested as an add on to the amount they already had ear marked for food in order to improve the quality of the meals.