Report on Science Workshop, Viveka Asha Yojane


During the field visits our social workers had a open talk with teachers. Most of science teachers expressed their inability to handle science and mathematics classes and there has been a change in the syllabus recently including few difficult chapters. Moreover science teaching was totally devoid of experimnts. Each school was given a box full of science equipments which is not used even once; probabally teacers have not understood the basic scientific principle behing the experiments. Some teacher complained that they were never exposed to newer subjects recently included in 7th standard text books.

To compensate this deficiency a worskhop was conducted at Deena Bandhu. Prof. D.R. Baluragi, Ex-Director, Science Centre, Belgaum and Dr. Gurumurthy M.Sc., M.Ed., of Ramakrishna Institute of Moral and Spiritual Education (B.Ed College) were involved as resource persons.

Workshop was held on 14th Oct. 2001, Sunday. About 100 science teachers from 50 schools assembled at 10-00 A.M., at Deena Bandhu, lunch and tea was arranged at Deena Bandhu. Mr. Dunddu Madappa B.Sc., B.Ed., Inspector of schools was also with us. A lot of piror preparation was made by social workers for the workshop. They collected 2,3 box full of science equipments given to schools. Fresh chemicals were purchased to demonstrate chemistry experiments. Added to this Prof. G.S. Jayadev borrowed number of laboratory equipments from J.s.s. College to demonstrate experiments in physics and chemistry. All the equipments were displayed at the workshop. Prof. D.R. Baluragi also brought some of his own equipments. One of the equipment was to demonstrate light experiments. It was frabricated by his and for this instrument he won National award in science teaching. Dr. Gurumurthy brought few instruments frabricated by trainees at his college, they were also very useful to demonstrate some experiments on light.

Basic concepts of science regarding measurements, light etc., were explained to the teachers. Prof. D.R. Baluragi also demonstrated as how a concave mirror is used by magicians to create illusion.

Chemitry experiments with litmus paper were demonstrated by Prof. G.S. Jayadev. The concept of acid and base ws explained to them. Magnesium wire was brunt and oxides of metals and their properities explained to them.

Dr. Gurumurthy demonstrated the use of slide caliperse and screw gage. The physical balance was also demonstrated. The microscope and its magnification power was demonstrated. All teachers activiely bedated and clarified their doubts. At the same time they all requested that this workshop may be repeated for smaller number of teachers with more instense participation of teachers themselves. Dr. Gurumurthy specifically invited questions from the teachers related to their difficulty in teaching. The teachers asked number of questions which was answered and related experiments were also demonstrated.

After the workshop Prof. D.R. Baluragi had a meeting with social workers and discussed about continuation of the programme of science teaching training for primary school teachers; since he retired recently he has volunteered himself to join us for a more elabrated and meaningful programme. He will join us during the last week of Nov. 2001 and will spend about a month. During his stay we propose to develop several models and kits about science teaching with his help. After the workshop he also demonstrated to social workers as how different models of geometrical shapes can be prepared with match sticks and rubber tubes.


Value Education

In association with Ramakrishna Ashrama, Mysore we have planned value education programme for all the teachers of adopted schools. Swamiji Atmavidanandaji, President, Ramakrishna Institue of Moral and Spiritual Education has offered to give two days of orientation course at the RIMSE premises. They have developed a CD on personality development and definite package for the course. The teachers will also get some course materials and Monks and professors in the field will handle sessions.

Children's Festival:

On a trial basis we have planned for a ‘ CHENNARAMELA’ meaning festival of children in one of the area of our operation. The purpose of this mela is to bring children together under a cultural event. The mela will also have science exhibition, progressive social messages with regard to drinking water, toilets, p[lastic etc. We also propose to have sports competition and fancy dress drama etc. As for as possible we try to focus on children and parent participation. We hope to boost the self-image of the children by providing them an opportunity to express their creative ability. Teachers will also be involved at large.

Environmental Workshop:

An environmental workshop by Prof. G.S. Jayadev is completed in all areas of operation. The next series of workshop by Prof. G.S. Jayadev will be on child psychology and importance of self-image.