The picturesque locale for many of the villages



Inside the Punajuru primary school – the worst in terms of infrastructure





Punjuru lower primary school – the worst one in terms of infrastructure

Punajuru upper primary school





Kodipalya school. Note the colorful tricolor columns….  This was very common.



Distribution of books at Kodipalya.  Not the writings on the walls, the map of India, and charts in the background.



Drama in progress at Chamarajanagar town school – the theme: dropping out of school is bad.



Drama in progress at Chamarajanagara town school



Mukundpalli – the best school.  In the background is the “shop” in the one-room school to teach children basic economics.





Teachers and the young enthusiastic HM at Aralipura school.  Also in the picture are social workers. 


Ethaiegowdanagundi – the teacher is missing – has gone to rent more chairs for a function the next day inaugurating something in the school.



Not enough classrooms, so this class is in the corridor.  Atleast they have a blackboard …


“Kali-Nali” : “Learn joyfully”.



Some examples of the colorful paintings on walls.  The alphabets in red are a new and novel way of teaching the alphabet – each set of letters can form several words.  So the idea is to teach one row of letters, form several words from them, and then move on to the next row of letters.  The alphabet next to these in blue is the traditional order of alphabet (vowels first, then consonants, etc.)