ASHTA Organization Details

This page contains information about the organisation as read from the their intial proposal and site visit report. Whenever possible a time line has been attached. For the latest details and vision please refer to the annual surveys filled out by the organisation every year.

Organization Profile: 

ASTHA (Alternative Strategies for the Handicapped) is a registered  charitable trust providing services to children with disabilities for the  past three years. Registered in July 1992, the trust is managed by a group  of five trustees. 

Astha's Aims: 

  • Initiate an intensive outreach program to rehabilitate children with different disabilities.
  • Work with children and people with disabilities (such as orthopedic visual, speech and hearing disabilities as well as mental retardation)
  • Focus on areas of early detection and early intervention
  • Rehabilitate older children who have already become disabled
  • Integrate children in general schools and in society - Astha's team will support the child and the school in terms of training the teachers to work with the child, providing relevant information to the school as well as sensitizing other students in the childs school and class.
  • Sensitize members of the community towards disabilities - they plan to work with the Astha's communication division to provide the relevant info and raise awareness.
  • Train parents and community workers in the area of disability
  • Build resources of the community to be utilized for the benefit of the disabled members
  • Establish a network of referral services
  • Network with other NGOs and government bodies working this area
  • Work towards prevention of disabilities in the community

    ASTHA's needs: 

  • Transport facilities to enable children from all strata of society to use their services
  • Salaries for their specialized staff and consultants (special  educators, physiotherapists, pediatricians, pediatric neurologists)
  • Permanent place to function effectively from.

    ASTHA's plans for the next three years:(1997-2000) 

  • Provide a high level of professional regular services to at least a 100 children and their families from different strata of society
  • Provide at least another 50 children and their families,professional counseling, information and referral services
  • Complete the preparatory phase of research and infrastructure  development for a sheltered vocational training workshop for people with severe disabilities 
  • Set up a research and communication center and be actively involved  in the production of training material, as well as research and awareness  raising material in the area of disability 

    Astha's experience with the alum areas: 

  • Number of children with poliomyelitis and other orthopedic  disabilities. Children with hearing and speech disabilities, mental  retardation, visual disabilities etc. 
  • A larger number of children at the risk of becoming disabled 
  • Greatest single cause being malnutrition 
  • Children who have not been properly or fully immunized and thus at  the risk of becoming disabled. 

    Astha has met with many families with disabled children in Govindpuri. Most  of the families tried to get the children treated (before) and the children  were given aids like hearing aids, braces etc but were not trained on how to  use them leaving the aids unused. They included profiles of two of the  children they helped.  I can post this if there someone is interested. 

    ASTHA's Special Child: 

  • may have difficulty with movement 
  • may not be able to speak 
  • may have difficulty understanding basic concepts 
  • may need special medical inputs 
  • Asha-Seattle Home