UMBVS, Phalodi

URMUL Shala - Shri Mohangarg


Progress Report May 2001 Till November 2001


History of Urmul Shala's

In the month of February 2001, with the help of the local council  and the local people, after assessing the needs and problems in the area of 1365 Had area and Sootharvala Mandi area, it was decided to establish schools and training center.


Selection of the teachers

By visiting the schools areas selected at the village meeting, in February, we took the test of the local youth (8th and 10th class graduates). The youth with the best scores and with the approval of the village council, during the second week of March were selected for 30 days training selection.


Training of the teachers

From 15th May till 13 June, the 15 teachers from the 10 schools were given training at Urmul training center near Pokharan, Rajasthan. The training was given in two parts. During the first week the teachers education level were tested. During the training language, math, environment/ecology, jeevan vidya (life education) subjects were taught. In addition, methods of teaching were taught. During this training Shri Ayub Khan Ghiraj has been trained by Shri Sandeep Pandey. During the training two of the instructors/trainers worked really hard.


Beginning of URMUL schools

Right after the training, on 28th June 2001, the URMUL schools were started. The reason that the schools were setup 10 days before children started attending, so that the local people could know that the schools are coming.


2-day monthly meeting

 Monthly 2 Day Teachers meeting is organized in Shri Mohangarg. the first meeting was setup on 7-8 July. In this type of meetings teachers were asked to give their experiences and input and give suggestions for the problems the were facing. Along with this, the next month's meeting is also discussed. In the second day of these meetings, teachers are given their salary and travel expense costs. On 8-9 December, the meeting was organized in Chadi.


Inspection of the schools (travel by motorcycle and buses)

Every Urmul school is inspected at least 3 or 4 times a month. During the inspection teachers are given help in teaching or if they have any problems with anything. Effort is made to meet the parents or guardians of the children and make them understand the need for education, and then children's level of study is assessed. Then sitting arrangements and drinking water availability is checked and if there are problems they are addressed. It is also checked if teachers are coming on time and doing their duties appropriately. To do the inspection, the committee members go by motorcycle or by bus.


Distribution of School Supplies.

In all then URMUL schools, in proportion to the students, education supplies were distributed. Each students of first grade was given books, notebooks (2 notebooks - 1 line and 2 line types), 1 drawing book, school bag, slate, pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener.


School Material

The following articles were given to each school: blackboard, bell, cupboard, large storage box, large water pail, jug, glass, large rug, strip mats, etc.


'Check' Education Committee

Around each school for 2KM, a 'check' (small area?) education committee was formed. This committee meets once a month on a fixed date. The main work of this committee is to encourage children to come to school regularly. Also, to make sure that children have a place to sit, enough drinking water and arrangement for shade from the sun. Also, from time to time the committee inspects the teachers and helps them if they have any problems or difficulty. Apart from this committee also helped taking care of the supply of water in the region, availability of better quality of seeds for farming.


10 day additional training

10 Day additional training was given to teachers during the Diwali break from 3rd to 12th November. It was organized at the URMUL campus in Pokharan. During this training 3rd grade teachers were given extra training for Hindi, English, Math and Environmental Studies.



Ayub Khan Ghiraj