Udavum Karangal Question/Answers

1. Is this project going to be self-sufficient and how?

The project is going to be self sufficient from the second year. They are requesting only 1st year funding from us. They are planning to get self sufficient thru activities like screen-printing, bookbinding, candle making, greeting card making etc. All of UK's projects get self-sufficient eventually.

2. Are they going to charge fees and how much?

Total number of children for the project is 200. Out of this 100 children are UK's own children and hence will not be charged. The other 100 children will be admitted from the neighboring villages and will be charged Rs 60 / month. This will also add as income for the project to make it self-sufficient.

3. What is the teaching staff?

The team is going to have 5-6 paramedics besides teaching staff, a physical therapist, and occupational therapist. (Please look in document for more details)

4. Why do you need this special training?

There is no special training for children who may be autistic, mentally challenged, physically challenged etc. in the surrounding areas. This training will help the children achieve self-sufficiency by giving them vocational training and physical therapy.

5. Does UK have other sources of funding?

Yes, UK is a large, credible organization, which has been around for 16 years. They raise money through public support.

6. Why should we fund a large group?

Because they are established and credible, they are a great organization for Asha to partner with and achieve maximum impact. When we fund this project, we can be certain 200 children will benefit and also that this program will continue every year.


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