Asha for Education




P.O Box 391802

Cambridge, MA 02139.










July 1st, 2003.


Mr. R.S.Arputham,

TEA Trust.


Dear Mr. Arputham,


We are pleased to enclose the first installment of payment to your project. A check for $2000.00 is enclosed.


The breakup of the intended use of the amount is in the following page.


Please send us a paper receipt for this amount as soon as you receive it. Please also send us receipts at the end of six months showing how the amount was utilized. This is required so that Asha-MIT can file these receipts with the US government’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


The next installment will be mailed in six months upon review of the performance of the project. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help out with. I will look forward to hearing more about the project from you.







Dilip Warrier,



Encl:     1. Check for $ 2000.00.








Breakup of projected usage of Asha-MIT funding