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Prasanna Jyothi is an orphange on the outskirts of Bangalore. The expense to sponsor a child is $20 per month. Click here for a list of children who need sponsorhip.

Bangalore, India.

10th. August, 2000

Dear Sirs,

Prasanna Jyothi - a Home for homeless girl children

This is to introduce to members of your service organization, a child welfare activity PJ (Prasanna Jyothi) run by Prasanna Trust, Bangalore.

Prasanna Trust is founded by Swami Sukhabodhanandaji. The trust has a meditation Center "Nirguna Mandir" in Bangalore. There are two activities of this Trust.

1. Transformative Education programs (primarily a program titled LIFE (Living In Freedom, An Enquiry) devised and conducted by Swamiji.
2. Child care and education center PJ

Prasanna Jyothi is located in Puttenahalli, situated off JP Nagar, Bangalore. It houses as of now 18 girls children in the age group of 9 to 19. They are provided with healthy housing under loving care, food, clothing and are sent to good schools for education . The children are also provided
opportunities to express themselves in various cultural activities like, music, drama, handicrafts etc. The children are studying in various classes from 4th. to 10th. Also three of them are doing Post SSLC career courses, viz., Diploma in Secretarial practices and Diploma in Computer Sciences. Some our children have won laurels in sports and cultural competitions.

One of your volunteers Mr. Shanmuga recently visited us over a period of time and studied for himself our welfare activities and also assessed its effectiveness by personally interacting with the children.

The funding for this activities is through donations from public individuals and organizations in India and abroad as well as some financial support of Prasanna Trust from their corporate funds. In fact during 1994 I had the pleasure of making a presentation about PJ to Asha Berkley group
and they readily participated with their donations in the years 1994, 1995 for two terms. Asha Berkely also selected paintings by three of our children for their calendar.

We give in the following table annualcosts of PJ service under various heads:

Figs. in '000 Rs.

Cost Head

Actual 1999 - 2000

Budget 2000 - 2001

School Fees, Study Materials, Uniforms, off-school, coaching,

in-house Games and Culturals



Grocery, Cleaning supplies, Cooking Fuel       



Maintenance (Building, Garden, Appliances)



Commute (mainly to school and back)



Electricity + Telephone



Staff salary   






Miscellaneous expenses (incl. Medical Expenses)






NOTE: Actual figs. for 1999-2000 are provisional subject to minor changes during audit.

Trust this gives you a fair idea of the non-profit Child welfare/Education activities of PJ. Having stated the details, we invite Asha to participate in our efforts in whichever manner they deem it fit. We also invite any members of your organization to visit PJ during their India trip. It will be our privilege to coordinate such a visit to see the children. Should you need any further information about the organization you contact me though email ( I am currently on a visit to my son in Los Angles.

Yours Truly,
For Prasanna Jyothi,
(Sundari Srinivasan)

Prasanna Jyothi

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