I have great pleasure in reporting the highlights of Prasanna Jyothi activites in the year 2003 (Jan. to Dec.)

Report begins:
-- "Celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi festival in the month of August with Pujah, prayers
and feast for the children and some guests.

-- Raksha Bandhan was celebrated by Prasanna Trust in Nirguna Mandir. Our children
tied Rakhie and gave sweets to the guests there. This greatly emphasised the
bond of sisters and brothers amongst all and spread the feeling of oneness among
st all.

-- Sharada (of PJ) scored the highest marks in I year Diploma (computer Science)
 course in her college.

-- Sharada won I prze in inter polytechnic sports meet (state level) in 100 m. running
race. She also won five more przes in intra-polytechnic sports meet: viz., 400m running
race - I prize;Relay race - I prize; Long jump - I prize; Throw ball - runners up; Lemon
and spoon race - II prize.

-- Ashwini (PJ) studying in 8th. grade won three prizes in competitions conducte
d by the school viz., Running race - III prize; Singing - II prize; Attendance -
 I prize.

-- Deepika (PJ) studying in IX standard won three przes in the school competitions
viz., Essay - II prize; Singing - III prize; Attendance - I prize.

-- Usha (PJ) studying in 10th grade got I prize in attendance.

-- Lalitha (PJ) studying in 3rd. grade got I prize in attendance.

-- Dhanalakshmi (PJ) studying in Upper Kinder Garten got III prize in running race."
End of Report.

---- Sundari Srinivasan