From: Ms. Sundari Srinivasan, Prasanna Trust

An update on Prasanna Jyothi - 5th August 2003

While Roopa (completed diploma in Computer Science) got a job by now and has
joined her monther (single), there is a new addition in the PJ, Child
Chandana 4 yrs. admitted to LKG (will provide details a little later).
We look fwd. to wellwishers to support this child.

In the mean time, I am sending to you CCs of academic reports to various
sponsorers of SAC, re. the respective children.

Highlights of activtities in Prasanna Jyothi during the year 1-4-02 to 31-3-03:

1. Ganesha Chaturthi, Durga Puja (Navarathri) were celebrated by the children in-house.

2. Deepavali was celebrated with the members of Prasanna Trust and two Rotary Clubs members.

3. We took all the children on a pic-nic along with members of Prasanna Trust (sponsored by these members) to Talacaud (source of River Cauvery in Coorg
district of Karnataka)

4. The children Aswini and Deepika were given prizes by the shool for 100% attendence in the classes.

5. Sarada won prizes in sports events of her college for Long Jump, 200 meters track. Also won the prize for securing the first class in the preparatory examns. of the I year in computer Science. She also topped her class with her performance in the I year final examinations. Also won the III prize for 100 meters dash in the Karnataka state level sports meet for Polytechnics. She also secured the Orange belt in Karate lessons.

6.With the help of Rotary Club, an eye check up was made for all the children in-house.

7. All the children got their yellow belt in Karate classes.

8. Greetings cards painted by Anitha (particularly the one with Ganesha) won public appreciation.

9. Members of the Prasanna Trust took the children to movies (Lagaan, Kabhi Kush Kabhi Ghum)

10. A Rotary Club member showed the children a movie (Home alone Part I and II) to the children in-house.

11. Eight senior children were taken to Shivanahalli (forest area) to particpate and serve the Medical camp of Ramarshna Mission being conducted every Sunday. Their service was appreciated by Doctors and other volunteers.

Take care. Best wishes,