“Empowering youth through education”
An initiative to support underprivileged, bright students pursue higher education leading to higher levels of literacy and employment




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Who we are


Friends of Children is a non - profit organization which has been working towards the cause of the meritorious, needy, college going student since 2003 in Maharashtra. FoC is registered as a Trust under the Maharashtra Charity Commissioner’s Act (


Since then, we have reached out to more than 2854 students, disbursing Rs 140 Lakhs as scholarships and financial assistance, to date.



The Background


Students belonging to economically disadvantaged families end up severely limiting their educational and career horizons due to lack of financial resources, proper educational guidance, and skills required to succeed. With fees increasing significantly after Standard 10, many students discontinue their education. Only 13% eligible youth in the age group of 18-23 enter college for higher education.


Many of these, particularly rural students are first generation literates in their families, with the majority (around 70%) of their parents being marginal farmers or petty laborers. They have no one in their family to turn to for guidance about their education and career path. Many have no knowledge of what kind of education opportunities are out there and how to make decisions regarding their future, in spite of being bright.


This is where Friends of Children steps in and plays a role.


The program is designed and structured to support bright, needy students who would otherwise give up their education after Class 10. These students are assisted through their college education until they are employable.



 Every meritorious student regardless of religion, caste, gender, or socio-economic background must have the opportunity to have the right education equipping him / her to lead a successful life.


To provide every student with effective, high-quality guidance, learning experiences and monetary support instilling the right values to make a good citizen of India.


Friends of children and “Youth Reach” Program

FoC’s “Youth Reach” is an umbrella, under which the following projects and initiatives are accomplished:

* Nurture Merit” Program - Extends Financial Assistance for needy, meritorious students   

*Umeed” Program - Provides Holistic Development through monthly workshops

*UnnatiProgram – Provides requisites through residential programs, enabling students attain 


Udaan Program– Inculcates and encourages students to volunteer for social causes around them.


Nurture Merit Program


Objective: Provides needy and meritorious students with financial support, thus assisting them complete their education and gain employment.



 Identification Process, Selection and Monitoring Criteria


Identification Process

r  In every case, fee disbursement is done only after rigorous process of identification and verification by physically visiting dwelling units of shortlisted students.

r  Applications  are received from school contacts, volunteers and well-wishers.

r  Volunteers interview  all shortlisted candidates and visit every short listed applicant’s household.

r  Selected new student beneficiaries  are inducted for the year.

r  Detailed documentation of each deserving case with photo shoots of house / applicant  prepared and maintained in the Pune office.

Selection Criteria

We have followed two different modules for selection of students in the city & villages. The criteria which has driven us to follow this particular pattern is as follows


r  Cost of living is much higher in the city.

r  More awareness in the city compared to the village.

r  Availability of resources mainly volunteers.





Identification & Home visits

Done through our volunteers

Teachers from the local schools identify and do the home visits.


<60,000 P.A

<50,000 P.A

Cut off % X *

Cut off % XI

Cut off % XII



> 70%

> 80% for professional courses and 70 % for degree courses



>80% for professional courses and 70 % for degree courses

Cutoff %Degree

First Class

First Class

Fee Distribution

A fixed amount depending on course taken is paid, depending on marks scored, participation and general proficiency

A fixed amount depending on course taken is paid ,depending on marks scored, meetings attended and general proficiency

Meeting /workshop Schedule

Once a month

Once a month through  local Coordinators  and volunteers



Monitoring criteria (renewal of sponsorship on an evolved credit system)



   Total support required from Asha for Education

The fees sponsored for a professional course is based on the Govt. College fee structure, On an average, a student in any professional course ( Engg, BCA, BCS, Pharmacy, Masters ) is given a scholarship of Rs 20000 per academic year by Friends of children ( ie about 60 % of Govt college fees )

30 students x Rs 20,000 per year = Rs 6,00,000

ASHA would also undertake to sustain the sponsorship for the span of the course that the sponsored student has taken. ie, 4 years.

This is specifically because Friends of children would be taking these students on their rolls based on the commitment made by ASHA.


Summarized goals of the Program

  1. The program has been producing at least 20 students each year, who have completed their professional courses and are gainfully employed. This in turn means 20 families would have gained access to a better standard of living.
  2. The program hopes to bring value addition for higher levels of literacy among these beneficiaries and make the partnership between both organizations more pro-active and meaningful beyond financial support. 
  3. Generally, about 90% of the students who complete their professional course are expected to be employed within 3 months of completion of their education, with a minimum starting salary of Rs. 20000 – 25000 /month.
  4. The workshops provide a platform for students to discuss how to handle situations they come across everyday. The access to professional trainers also benefits them in understanding nuances on how to manage their lives better.






Some Success Stories That Make Us Proud!





Text Box:              
             Giridhar Potalwad completed Engineering, placed in Tata Technologies.
Gokul Pawar completed Diploma in Paint Technology, placed in Jindal, Mumbai. 
Ramesh Girme completed B.Com, presently in Mercedes Benz after  a stint in Patni Computers, Pune.
Ganapat Lokhande completed M.Com, placed in Whirlpool Ranjangaon.
Harish Patankar completed BAMS, runs a successful Ayurveda Clinic on JM Road.
Ghule Goraksha completed Diploma, is a successful Marine engineer ( second officer ).
Likhit Pamarti completed Engineering, had got admits in 3 IIMS in India after his BE. 
Deepika More completed Diploma, has joined the Central Park Hotel. 
Devidas Kulkarni completed Diploma Civil Engg, runs his own business.
Sucheta Kulkarni completed M.Com, works in an accounting firm.
Ujwala Mane completed BCA, is working with Acceltree software, Pune
Rupali Baravkar completed Diploma Mech Engg, is working with Virgo Engineers, Bhosari.
Hrushikesh Gaikwad, completed LLB, and is a successful lawyer in the Pune courts.
Supriya Ranadive completed M.Sc, is a teacher in middle school in Chinchwad.
Datta completed Diploma in Paint Tech, is placed with Godrej, Mumbai.
Deepa Navaghane, completed B.Com, works in Ruby Hall Accts Dept, Pune.
Nagesh Pawar completed M.Sc Chemistry, is pursuing PhD in UDCT Mumbai.
Rukhaiya Shaikh, completed Diploma in Civil Engg, works with a local architect.
Wasim Shaikh completed B.Sc, works at WNS, Pune.
Sadanand Jannu (visually impaired) completed BA, works with the Railways and currently studying  Law.
Ashutosh Narawade completed Diploma Mech Engg, works at Empro Industries, Bhosari.
Vaibhav Gadakh completed Diploma civil Engg, works with L&T Mumbai.
Suraj Phalke completed Diploma Mech. Engg, works with Bajaj Tempo, Pune.
Chandrakant Manjare completed Diploma Mech. Engg, works with Tata Motors, Pune
Snehal More, completed Diploma in Mech. Engg , cureently employed by Tata Motors.
Rahul Date, completed BCA, currently employed at Acceltree software, Pune.

  And the list continues……..



Board of Trustees of Friends of children


1.       Shantha Suryanarayan: (Chairperson) has volunteered with the Blind school for boys, Pune, for over 12 years, teaching the boys spoken English. She has worked towards raising funds for FoC through Divali sales each year.

2.       Nalini Ram Chandra: runs the Sunshine room attached to the pediatric ward in Sassoon hospital, Pune, providing the patients with books, games and fun activities for the patients.

3.       N. Venkatesan: was formerly employed by IBM, Pune and was a founder member of FoC. He has moved from Pune and is presently based in Dharwad as Director-Operations, Vidya Poshak.

4.       S.Subramaniam: Director, Kusumaa Projects. He has been actively involved in many social causes such as raising funds for the Girls’ blind school in Pune, School for the disabled Ayakudi etc.

5.       Aparna Pardeshi: A software professional, she is a founder and working member of FoC and has handled workshop co-ordination, volunteer management and fund raising for FoC since 2003.

6.       Vani Subramanyam: A founder and working member of FoC, she manages the administration, volunteer management, accounting & fund raising for FoC since 2003.


Both Aparna Pardeshi and Vani Subramanyam are presently in charge of the day to day running and requirements of the organization. They have spearheaded FoC’s growth in the past 9 years from 17 students to 221 students today

Additional information:

     Friends of children can provide 80 G Tax exemption for donations made.

     (No.PN/CIT- V/Tech/80G/46/28/13/16/2011-12/930)

Bank account details: Friends of children, Canara bank, Koregaon park, Pune 411001

Savings a/c no….0263101018900


      Our FCRA Regn. No. 083930612 (for foreign currency donations)


      Bank account details: Canara bank, Koregaon park, Pune 411001


      FCRA account no ….0263101020031


      Contact persons:

Vani Subramanyam

Founder member/ Trustee - Friends of children

Ph. 020 26687731, 9823270046


     2. Aparna Pardeshi

     Founder member/ Trustee – Friends of children

     Ph. 98900 93187