Toledo Rotary Foundation

Application for Funding


Name of Organization         Asha For Education                                              Date 07/29/12


Contact Person        Venkatesh Chari                                          Position      Coordinator     

Address     Asha for Education, Toledo Chapter, Mailstop 105, 2801 W Bancroft, University of Toledo                                                 Phone            4194509883                            


Fax     -N/A-               E-mail


Name of Project (for which you are requesting funds)

Rotary Distance Education Program (RDEP)


Rotary Foundation amount requested     $          12,300           


Total project budget                                     $          36,900           


How long has your organization been in existence?  15 years   


Has your organization applied for funding from Toledo Rotary in the past?


o         Yes     o        No   If yes, what were the year(s), amount(s) of funding and the nature of the project(s) funded?

Toledo Rotary graciously contributed $10,000 for successfully completing phase 3 of Project Arogyaseva (2009-10). The project aimed at providing basic education and health awareness for students in rural and tribal areas, conduct medical camps, and develop infrastructure for schools.  


What (in order) are your organization’s 3 major sources of funds?

1) Donations from the Toledo community

2) Asha Toledo’s Annual Fundraiser – Ragalahari

3) Toledo Rotary



What (in order) are your organization’s 3 major sources of funds for this specific project?

1)    Toledo Rotary

2)    Thane North Rotary (Maharashtra, India)

3)    District 3140 (Maharashtra, India)



Describe/ itemize the project for which you are requesting funding?


1. Rotary Distance Education Program (RDEP) is a revolutionary, exciting undertaking by Rotary, designed to empower rural youth thru Education. Goal is to make Education available at remote village school thru modern technology tools. Under RDEP, each designated school is provided with RDEP system, an Audio-Visual E-learning classroom set up consisting Computer preloaded with curriculum based audio-visual e-learning software, LCD projector and Power back up along with required infrastructure and installations.


2. Schools to be covered: 20 Ashram Shalas of Jawhar / Mokhada Tahsil


3. Software covers : 1st to 10th Standard Syllabus in English / Hindi / Marathi Medium by expert teachers. Relevant Wikipedia Extracts and Career Guidance


4. Cost Per School: Rs 101500/ - ($1845 @ INR 55 per$)

  a. Software ( Special Rotary Price) - Rs 21000 ( Firm)

  b. Computer & Projector : Rs 51,000( Firm)

  c. Invertor 600VA : Brand that can be supported in Jawhar Area Rs 6,500 ( Budget) 

  d. Batteries : 150 Ah 12v Tubular x 2 Nos - approx. Rs 21000 ( Budget)

  e. Approx. Logistics & Installation: Rs 2000


5. Funding : Total Rs 20,30,000/- ( ~ $ 36,900 @ INR 55 per $)


6. Partnering

                         a. Rotary Clubs - $615 x20 = 12,300

                         b. District 3140  - $615 x20 = 12,300

                         c. Toledo               $615 x20 = 12,300


How many people will this project directly benefit?  20 schools and 6000 students


Is this a new Project? o      Yes     o        No

If no, how long has this Program/Project been in existence? _1 year_________


How will you measure the success of this project?

Since the inception & subsequent execution of this program, response from the school principals, teachers, students, parents, local leaders and community at large has been phenomenal. Feedback received till date indicates that dropouts are reducing, absenteeism has reduced significantly, passing percentage has improved, overall scores have gone up and students are taking interest in difficult subjects like science and maths. The biggest thumbs-up has been from the teachers who have wholeheartedly adopted the technology without fear of losing importance. Ergo, we will continue to measure the success of this project through careful monitoring of drop-out rates, test scores, feedback from educators (school principals, teachers and community members) & students & their parents.


How will you publicize your award of funds from the Toledo Rotary Foundation?


Toledo Rotary’s contribution will receive multi-faceted publicity thorough the following avenues:

  1. Asha for Education (Toledo Chapter) website
  2. Aha for Education (Toledo Chapter) bi-annual newsletter (circulated to all well wishers from the Toledo community).
  3. Rotary Club of Thane North website


What are your plans if your Funding Application is not approved?

If funding is not approved, Asha Toledo plans to divert some of the potential funds (to be received from our annual fundraiser this September), earmarked for other on-going projects, towards the RDEP. This is with the understanding that some of our on-going projects will suffer financially.


Additional Comments         Asha Toledo would like to acknowledge the Toledo Rotary Club’s invaluable support and generous contributions in some of our past projects, and would like to highlight the tremendous success of each. Toledo Rotary Club’s involvement in project “Confidence” (2006) facilitated vocational training and subsequent self-employment  for 400 young adults spanning across 100 villages in the rural community. Likewise, phase III of project “Arogyaseva” (2009), which included conducting medical camps, construction of library, etc., saw great fruition.  Support from the Toledo Rotary Club is greatly appreciated.                                                                                  


I have read, understand and agree to comply with the Toledo Rotary Foundation Policies and have completed this Application for Funding honestly and completely:







Signed,                                                                                                         Position:Coordinator

Venkatesh Chari


























Deliver 5 copies to               Toledo Rotary Foundation

                                                101 N. Summit St. Suite 436

                                                Toledo, OH 43604


Attachments (5 copies only):


(a) Mission Statement or comparable statement of purpose,

(b) Evidence of 501(c)3 or comparable status under the IRS code from the IRS

(c) Itemized project budget, and

(d) The organization’s most recent annual financial report.

(e) Electronic version sent to