Site visit report to Manigal Project

Date: May 13, 2014


Project Steward: P. Saraswati

Site visit done by:  Kasturi


I Visited the gypsy colony on 13th May  2014.  It was a hot afternoon but children were getting ready to go the English classes. I was told that 10 children had enrolled in the English classes.  Maheswari, the Manigal teacher is escorting them to the class daily.

I also met some children-  E vijay, Vasanth , Nagaraj who have returned from the hostel for vacation.  These children seemed quite fresh, neat and polite. Velankanni  has finished  exams and returned home from the hostel.

I saw the Balwadi building at the entrance of the colony and it was locked.  I was told that the Balwadi is not functioning for two years now, but the building is in the possession of another NGO.  I talked to some community members and they promised that  they will talk to the concerned NGO and obtain permission for using the balwadi building. They said that the land of the balwadi building belonged to the community and that the  building could be repaired and used for conducting tution classes.  At present there is no place in the colony for Manigal project to conduct coaching classes or any educational programs.

A few teenage drop out girls – Vijalakshmi, Devyani  wanted classes for them in the afternoon.

I talked to Bharat’s and Anushka’s  parents  about using the RTE and applying for LKG in nearby schools.  Both of them were hesitant and felt that children can go to school after a couple of years when they are five.  They needed some persuasion and eventually only Bharat’s mother agreed to visit the school for giving the application. Asha  Members should meet the families  from time to time and encourage them