Group: Madurai Institute for Peace Science

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About the Group:

MIPS is a registered society since 1986. Their FCRA status
number is  675940249. Their 1996 annual budget is about Rs. 11
Lakhs and they are involved in a number of community
development activities such as Non formal education for working
children, efficient chulahs for villages, biogas plants,
Vocational tranining, sanitation, compost technology, women's
development. They also have health centres in 65 villages and
are well recognised both by the state government and the
central government.



Study centre for after school study for children of SC/ST
landless agricultural labourers. 



Hamlets of Alathur Panchayat, Madurai District
- Thirumalpuram, Alathur, Chichilluppai and Indiranagar colony.



Dr. R. Kannan (Secretary)
Madurai Institute for Peace Science
Gandhi Museum. Madurai 625 002
Tamil Nadu, India
Ph 530 291



After hours coaching facility and study centre for
children of SC/ST landless labourers. Homes of these
labourers do not offer a conducive environment for
children to study because of lack of lighting, space,
poor ventilation etc. This is one of the reasons for 
high dropout rates and poor performance of these
children. Moreover, these labourers are not literate
themselves and cannot provide the help and support for
these children to study. A total of 101 school children
of all age groups will be benefitted. The project is
going to buy infrastructure equipment (blackboards,
writing tables etc), provide tutoring with the help of one
trained tutor plus 2 volunteers per hamlet. The project
also will provide basic health checkups for the
children. In addition, the project will provide a library
and a recreational facility for the children.



Tutoring and facilities for 101 children in 4 hamlets of
Alathur  Panchayat, Madurai District. 
Funding required for one year. Later, it is supposed to
be self sufficient. 



       Rs. 1,29,680.00


Detailed Proposal:


(Costs are per center. There will be 4 such centers)
Writing tables           (5)       Rs 3000
Bench                    (5)       Rs 2500
Rack for books           (1)       Rs 1600
Library books                      Rs 1600
Blackboard               (1)       Rs  600
Teaching aids                      Rs 2500
Game & Play items                  Rs 2500
Chair and Table          (1)       Rs 1750
Emergency light          (1)       Rs 2500
First Aid Kit            (1)       Rs 1000
Tubelights               (2)       Rs  500
Center rent                        Rs  500
Contingencies                      Rs 2000
Tutor cum child care
worker salary(750x12)              Rs 9000
Orientation training               Rs 3000
TOTAL/center                     Rs 35,450
TOTAL cost (35,450x4)          Rs 1,41,800
Local contribution               Rs 12,120
TOTAL requested                Rs 1,29,680



  They have mentioned Amanda Bickel as a reference. 




Feb 15, 1997 Proposal from Mr. Kannan
March 1, 1997 Giri summarized
March 3 1997 Discussed at projects meeting
May, 1997 Check for sum of $3880 sent with Giri. He will hand them the check



(giri, 3/3/97)

Good project. The proposal is detailed and organized. The
group that is doing this is well established and has done
a lot of work in non-formal education, health and family
welfare, women's development, environment activities,
sustainable energy, vocational training etc. I think we
should fund this. But, it is another one from Tamil Nadu
and we have too many funded there. 

(meeting comments)
Everyone liked the project. The group is great and the
proposal is extremely well organized and detailed. Even 
though this is a big group, everyone agreed that the
impact of money will be clearly visible and
accountable. The group felt that this is yet another
project from Tamil Nadu and since we have funded so many
from Tamil Nadu a decision was taken to not fund it from
Asha-MIT but seek funding for it actively with other
chapters. If they are not funded within two months, we
will then take it up again. The status was therefore
voted to be kept "pending". Giri was chosen to write to
the project informing them of our decision and also to
write a request to all other chapters and send it their
way via Abhijit and Vinay. 


      Approved.  This is co-sponsored with Asha-Seattle and Asha-Colorado.